There are too many things I want to do

Around these few months, my brain is flooded with plenty ideas and short bursts of passion juice, and it is suffocating.

I admit that I suck at prioritizing stuffs, I suck sorting out ideas, I suck at concentrating on one task at a time, most importantly I suck at putting commitment into finishing something. And the ideas just spilled out,

I need to write them down. So here they are, chances are most of them won’t be realized, either they are unfeasible to be realized, or I will run out of passion before they take any shape.

[App] Booksauce

You have a smartphone, and you are in a bookstore, you are shopping for books one shelf at a time, and a cover attracts you. You felt compelled to buy it and spend days to read through it, but one problem though, “Is the book good and worth my money and most importantly, time?”

You want to know what other readers think about it, so you start Googling “Amazon book title here” and read through the reviews. But if it’s a Chinese book, you gotta go to douban. Or if any other languages, chances of finding the reviews and rating become really really slim.

Booksauce aims to be a one-stop book reviewing center. Pretty much like goodreads, apart from gathering reviews, rating, booksauce has one proposed function that people nowadays probably won’t use anyway — book stock availability checker.

So when you search for a book, not only you get to know the ratings and reviews, you also get to know which bookstores near your house have the book, so you can go and grab a copy.

Over half of the respondents replied that Amazon is their one-stop book review center, this idea is declared unfeasible.

[App] Malaysia Wifi Database

I thought I was the only one who wanted this kind of app, months later one of myformer classmate approached me and told me this. So I was like yea… this idea can try try har, but after National Service first.

Your girlfriend is shopping and wasting your money, while you carry her shopping bags and sigh and found a place to sit down. Since almost all your money has turned into her cosmetics and clothings, you have no cellular data plan, you can only surf the web with Wifi.

Sure, there are like 20 Wifi stations popped up in the list. Unfortunately, 18 of them are secured, 1 of them has crappy signal and 1 of them simply doesn’t work. And within the 18 secured stations belong to shops, it is not nice to walk up to the Wifi enabled stores to ask for password without buying from them, so what do you do?

Well luckily you have MyWifiDb (short form) on your phone, it can work without Internet, like this app. It uses GPS (HTML5 demo here) to find out where you are and tell you list of SSID and their password which are supposedly legitimate for public uses. Then you can happily key in the password and Facebook as your girlfriend helps you to declare bankruptcy.

[Book] PLKN* guide in English

* National Service in Malaysia, 3 months compulsory “military” training camp for chosen 17-years old youths, whereby the chance of getting chose is like 1/3, totally random.

Why didn’t I say Malay? I suck at that language that’s why.

Pang Soon Gi (R.I.P.) is an ex-PLKN trainee. He released the only PLKN guide to the future participants so they know what they are up to, what they need to prepare and so on. Unfortunately this is the only guide in the market, and it is in Chinese. Nobody translated it into English or Malay for other races to read.

I have a few assumptions, which is not validated yet:

  • The book is already few years old, some of the information may be outdated, since I am going to enter soon I may be able to get some intel on new changes and so on.
  • He entered naturally, I mean he entered without defer-and-reenter process. But I am special case, I applied for reentering, I have different experience than him and so I have different kind of experience.
  • His book is a guide, but there is something I don’t feel satisfied, I prefer a diary like approach, a bit like No Easy Day.

I hope I can enter the camp soon and test these few points, see whether there is a need. If I really wrote one chances are I will release as free e-book or blog, like his one,

[Book] start: A real guide to kickstart your web development journey

Imagine this, you have 0 knowledge on IT field, on web development. You use Facebook frequently. And you have watched The Social Network, you felt so inspired, and you want to ride the wave and become the next Mark Zuckerberg.

Soon you took part in some business events, and you bumped into a web developer, you started a conversation with him.

“Anonoz, you know how to make websites right? I got a great idea! We can work together some time soon!”

“I am sorry, but I am not going to do it, why don’t you do it yourself?”

“I don’t know anything!”

There you go, you don’t know anything, you can start learning how to make a website right? Not that easy. Turns out I have no reliable or noob-friendly source for me to refer you to, I am sorry.

Thinking back in time, it took us years to actually learn our way around HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, MySQL, Apache, Linux etc. We may be doing it wrong, the journey should be much less bumpier than this.

There is no proper tutorial, apart from the fragmented HTML, CSS tutorials scattered around the web. All the web development books start from HTML, which in my opinion, is stupid. HTML doesn’t teach shit. And at some point, I realize we should be starting from the other end instead.

If a typical HTML book puts you in a maze with a handgun for you to kill zombie that suddenly pops up, this book will give you a jetpack, so you can fly up in the air, look at the whole maze, understand the big picture and you can learn whatever you want, with COMPLETE idea of what you are doing.

This is not a deep guide for each languages and markups, this serves as a guide to each starting points, and show the connections and relationships between all of them, and try to solve some of the mysteries that trapped us long time ago. And by showing these I hope that this book will make the web development learner’s journey much less bumpier.

I had been asking lots of people about the idea of this book, with a price tag of RM59, over 80% of the respondents said yes. Some of them said maybe, a very few of them said No. I guess the demand and market is there!

[Place] A hub for IT students

Since I am not in college anymore, my family asks me to find a job and move out around September or next year. I am thinking of renting a room or an entire condo unit outside if I can afford them.

I like the idea of sharing a unit with some like-minded or Master Minded people. We can support each other, encourage or even work on a startup together, isn’t that awesome?

But let’s take it one step further, why not have a whole condo unit that can accommodate 4 people and have a geek party every few weeks? Where IT students can gather around, exchange ideas, pass knowledge around and have fun? If they have great idea, they can pitch right in front of us, we can invite some investors and VCs and angels, and together we realize the dream.

The problem with Malaysian IT students in general is, they have no idea what they want to do after they finish their course, which SUCKS. There are lots of 100x more awesome things that can be done, IF they actually explore on their own. And a hub like this may be the key to change the life forever!

If they know about startup, if they know about funding, if they know more than just stupid Microsoft IDEs and Visual Basic, if they know Lean Startup method, if they know about all these, Malaysia will be a much more different place! Together we can have a local Silicon Valley, and we can have more entrepreneurs, innovators to make our lives much much better.

P/S: I got this idea from 1337hub, but is there one that targets college students?

Author: Anonoz Chong

Web Developer in Kuala Lumpur. Computer Science student in MMU Cyberjaya. President of IT Society MMU Cyberjaya. Rubyist.

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