Step Up Facebook Stalking with Graph Search – 3 Creepy Search Terms to Use



Facebook Graph Search? It is so awesome that I can now become the super stalker on Facebook.

With all the Likes, Profiles, Timelines, geotagged photos, faces in photos, lots of data Facebook has in their spinning drives, Facebook Graph Search will make the world so small that I see no necessity of crawling out of my house and see real people any longer. Just kidding, I don’t see the necessity of crawling 1m out of my laptop’s range.

In the demo it definitely looks awesome, but I hope it can do more than I first imagined. Here is a list of search strings I gonna try out to beat my forever alone syndrome.

“Girls who are of age 16-21 and is a Chinese and is still single and lives around Ampang and does not do lots of self-capture photos”

That is right buddy. Let’s see if Graph Search can behave like online matching service and get me a cute one. Oh yea not those lifeless and brainless ones who spend their time and expensive smartphone just to take picture of themselves and post to Facebook, Twitta and Instacrap.


Facebook already has a face recognition engine inside, so if the photos are scanned through and no faces are found, it should be good.

While these criteria are certainly awesome, but they are not awesome enough per my standard.

“Girls who match criteria in previous search and drives safely and likes hacker related articles”

Sounds hard? I don’t think so.

Facebook has all the posts in their database, they just have to match every girl’s every single posts ¬†against some kind of search algorithm. Check if they post status updates related to car accidents and Facebook can assume that she is not a safe driver.

BB is watching you

Facebook Open Graph API is like Big Brother, they are watching you. If she visits some websites that uses Open Graph API such as Forbes, CNet, SlideShare and many more, the sites will automatically tell Facebook you are visiting them and telling the whole world what article you are reading.

Combining all the data they have, it is not impossible for Facebook to implement these functions into their Graph Search. Does it sound creepy? No la, let’s move on.

“Exes of [insert someone’s name here]

People love to fool with their relationship status on Facebook. Chances are you are leaving it for the viewing of public, which can be either good or bad.


But what if someone has a crush on you, whether the guy is awesome programmer, or a gay vampire like Edward Cullen, or a downright pedophile like Zhang Muyi. By leaving all the relationship status records on your timeline and their privacy is set to Public. You are giving Graph Searcher the rights to check who had relationships with you. No kidding.

But lucky (or unlucky) for me, you won’t be able to find any exes of Anonoz.

Is that it?

Nope. There are plenty of good and bad applications with all the data Facebook has up in their sleeves. We willingly give our daily lives record to them, and everything is up to them. Graph Search may simplify our search among circles but it will magnify the wounds we have in our lives as well.5622420489_720e554e2e

You certainly don’t want your future bosses to search for things like “Quarrels X has got into“, “Photos of X getting drunk” or “Posts that complain X“. These search terms are totally possible, provided the users within search range left their privacy settings Public.

Facebook Graph Search has stepped up the cyber stalking game. Learn more about protecting your privacy here.

Author: Anonoz Chong

Web Developer in Kuala Lumpur. Computer Science student in MMU Cyberjaya. President of IT Society MMU Cyberjaya. Rubyist.

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