Sharifah’s Logic – Suppress The Truth and Let’s Talk Bullshit

This video lit the inner fire of Malaysians, especially us that hates Barisan government. And this forum, the bitch, Sharifah, just added tons of kerosene to the fire.

What are forums for? To most people, it is for people to meet together, such as scholars in this case, to discuss about a problem, and suggest a solution to fix it. But to Barisan, it is a mean to brainwash people, and hope that they keep on voting them so they can suck blood and money from us, much worse than Justin Bieber.

It defiles my holy blog, but I must post her picture for everyone to recognize.
It defiles my holy blog, but I must post her picture for everyone to recognize.

This post is abut Sharifah. Sharifah Zohra Jabeen.

President of Pertubuhan Suara Wanita 1 Malaysia (SW1M), in English, 1 Malaysia Women’s Voice Association. She supports Obedient Wife Club, a group of women who submit themselves to their husbands blindly. So much for voiceout association president to ask people to listen huh!

What she said is truly Najis. Oppa Najis Style. (Not Me)

Ms. Bawani, you did a great job, you may have lost the battle in the forum, but outside here, you won the war. The desperate attempt of Ms. Sharifah to suppress your truthful speech is due to a well known fact, Barisan is losing its leg.

Why pull in animals and even imitate their voice to “refute” the Ms.Bavaani? Why say a bazillion times of “Listen” and “Let Me Speak” when the purpose of forum is to allow scholars to have a vent of their dissatisfaction? Why is this forum not democratic at all? Oh I thought forums are meant to LISTEN to the dissatisfaction and find ways to solve them! Sharifah was trying to AVOID it, just like what our corrupted leaders did. When the situation seems too dire to her, she simply grabbed Ms.Bavaani’s microphone.

I have never seen, in any debate or debate competition, when team A is clearly losing, they take away team B’s microphone. That’s very bitchy move Sharifah.

Yea right! STFU!
Yea right! STFU!

Pointless babbles to fill the meaningless voids. Fueled by brainwashed claps. Those who claps are probably benefited from easy scholarships, not all of them, but I guess most of them. A bubble of illusion in the hall bound to collapse right on the Internet.

Do not forget, there is something called Internet. Whatever you did, once recorded and uploaded to social media sites, the damage is permanent. Oh look at the dislike bar! Obviously you are at a LOST Ms.Sharifah, LISTEN to the people!

LET ME SPEAK, LET ME SPEAK, LET ME SPEAK. This is a democratic country, we are sure to let you speak! What are you afraid of? You helping Barisan to build a speechless autocratic nation?

Why did you ask us to move to other countries? Guys, I love Malaysia, but I dislike the party that is governing us. This is democracy and we shall use it to replace the government, in the next election. Remember, moving out to another country is avoiding the problem, but we stay here, we demonstrated, and we voted, to show that plenty of Malaysians are willing to stay here and defend our country from wretched bitches and dicks like Sharifah.

I am innocent
I am innocent

Do animals have anything to do with us? No. Animals are born with traits and habits that we consider troublesome. But they don’t have a choice. Unlike humans, we have a choice to be anything. Go to moon? Check. Become a bitch? Most of us won’t check this, oh Sharifah did!

Can we not complain? Nupp. This is a democratic country, we pay taxes and we know what we deserve. To not complain is like paying 1000 dollars and eat shits and drink pee instead. I bet that is what Sharifah wants.

All hail Bavaani, she had to deal with a bitchy self-proclaimed "Adult" in the hall.
All hail Bavaani, she had to deal with a bitchy self-proclaimed “Adult” in the hall.

Ms. Bawani is truly what we need in times like these. Voice out and not being afraid of the consequences. She might get arrested under ISA, that is a risk. But her ballsy move is what we should learn from. Be ballsy! For country! I wrote a speech before but banned by my school for being too provocative. And now when I saw another student willing to do that, I really admired them.



Malaysia is a democratic company. It doesn’t matter, whether you are young, or old, or poor, or rich, or stupid, if you are a Malaysian, you have the right to vote, to voice out, and not to be oppressed and suppressed by the bad leaders. We are not living in George Orwell’s “1984”. Najib is not the big brother. We can remove him from his current position, and hopefully the guy we appoint to lead the country will be much better person than Najib is.

There is no point hiding the truth, with Internet we all know it. Don’t tell us not to trust the Internet when I don’t even trust you.

Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

– Lord Acton, British historian

Author: Anonoz Chong

Web Developer in Kuala Lumpur. Computer Science student in MMU Cyberjaya. President of IT Society MMU Cyberjaya. Rubyist.

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