Reflection on music teleportation

Once upon a time, there are shows, or operas, and dancers. When someone wants to enjoy music and watch some great dance moves, they have to go to where the stage is, or if the audience is a rich family or royal family, they get to hire the performers to their place of choice. It is quite luxurious to get to watch the shows at that time.

And then Edison invented sound recorder, we can finally record sounds on a medium, or at that time, a vinyl? Yea. People can finally replicate a lot of vinyls and sell them in mass volume. And this is convenient, it provides asynchronous entertainment from the artist to the listener. Performers do not need to show up when the song is playing, and the listener does not need to hire the performer whenever he wants to hear a song, he can just put the disc in and play it.

As the electronic age comes, we have laser, we have inegrated circuits. And we have laser discs, and then the laser discs get smaller and became compact discs. Compact discs store an hour plus of lossless music, and they do not suffer wear and tear like vinyls do. Measuring a mere 12cm in diameter, they are so portable that Sony starts a line of music player called Walkman, people start to play CDs on the go, apart from the even smaller cassettes.

In 2001, Steve Job introduced iPod, a music player that has a hard disk in it, that he claims can store up to 1,000 songs in your pocket, and boy it is revolutionary. No music plauer at that time can come close to this amount of storage and convenience. And the iPod evolves, and of course, cloned, but few other companies are successful doing it.

Soon Steve realizes people have no easy way to purchase music and put into ther iPod. At that time, we either rip our discs into computer, or pirate them off the Internet which is inconvenient or full of malwares. Then Apple starts iTunes music stores, each song costs a mere RM3, cheaper than a cup of coffee and delivered straight to your computer and player in the copper cables.

And it does not stop there! In 2007, Apple releases iPhone, people finally have a grasp of how our smartphones (actually portable computers) should be like. We can have easy internet access right out of our pocket, we can finally say goodbye to bringing laptops to everywhere we go, we can finally capture photos and upload them right away!

In 2008, Apple opens up App Store and yes, iTunes store for iPhone and iPod touch. What does this mean? I mean it is a miracle to talk about it, but we can finally buy discs or vinyl or the shows directly over thin air!

Now whenever I am, provided I have Internet access, I can try out and purchase musics. We don’t need to visit CD shops to do these anymore, we don’t need to wait until another music event to enjoy musics, we just have to tap on the icon and search right away!

And the cost is just a cup of teh tarik.

Author: Anonoz Chong

Web Developer in Kuala Lumpur. Computer Science student in MMU Cyberjaya. President of IT Society MMU Cyberjaya. Rubyist.

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