This isn’t your idea

You are not thinking, you are just saying what others are saying.

Weeks ago I have written a story, implying the reasons why I dropout. I have shared the story to some of my Facebook friends, one day later I received a comment I want to mention about.

To be honest, I didn’t read through the whole story. I do have a question. I know getting a cert doesn’t mean everything to an individual especially when we are talking about the ability and capability in IT field but you have to bear in mind that society grade youth with their result in the first place. You can learn a lot in uni when you are taking degree course, not necessary you will become a bored person and work like a zombie in the future. Why don’t you do what you’re doing right now ( IT developer or something else related) as I believe and yet still taking degree course simultaneously? It’s harmless to you and might bring you knowledge and wisdom which you hunger for. Right?

Just a friendly remind. I respect your final decision and I hope you really go deep through about this before making this STUNNING decision.

Where the bold parts are bullshit, I am sorry. If it is harmless to me why would I opt to dropout in the first place? It’s harmful to what I want to do.

But where did he get the idea of his comment from? Clearly not his own. It came from our surroundings, our parents, our family, our society, our friends. But it wasn’t really their idea too, I believe the idea came from the higher education institutions, they need to spread the fear of not getting degree to everyone, so that they can make big money out of us.

If everyone starts to think clearly and starts to establish a better way to measure the competency of a person in dealing with his job, we don’t need a degree cert. In IT industry, unless you have a very special niche, we don’t want to look at your degree, we want to look your codes, your portfolio, your experience, your problem solving methods, anything that takes our companies to a whole new level. Degree isn’t.

Forgive me for digressing to complaining the education system, but the problem of ownership of idea is everywhere.

How many percent of your ideas is truly yours?

We don’t come up with idea, we merely passing them on

When we talk about politics, when we talk about gadgets, when we talk about programming languages, we have our stance, we have our own arguments, but where are these stances and arguments came from?

All the arguments came from the ultimate benefactors. Politic parties’ leaders, the manufacturers and the creator or the backer of the programming language want you to choose them, so they tell you why you should choose them. Once you start using the product and fell in love with it, you will start to evangelize it, telling everyone that it is great. I do, I evangelize whatever products that make me happy, make my life easier.

What I am trying to say is, some people get religious with their choices. For instance, Android fanboys, they buy Android because they think get more value for money, but after buying that they know they hated the quirks and problems Android phones love to throw at them. So whenever they see any pro-Apple posts, they start to yell at the Apple users.

You have more money than sense.

They hated their phones, yet they support the phones they actually hate. Why? I guess it’s to protect their ego and pride. Not all Android users hate their phones but I mean some of the fanboys who lie to themselves.

But clearly, we are observing a trend where people start to think in unison, in one direction, which is gay. We can blame everything that Barisan does, but not EVERYTHING they do are bad. We can “criticize” that our army and police are not doing great job, but I bet you are 100 times worse than they do, so stop joining the party and fire at them, stop it.

Why do we do that

The Internet has provided a great channel for everyone to voice out their mind and opinion, and in the era of Facebook, Twitter and social networks, the communication costs and barriers between individuals have been lowered down. And here the problem comes, people start to hear, not listen, share, but not regurgitate thoroughly. You can share something, a stance, when you are provoked by somebody’s status, and you take the stance simply because you want to protect your ego, your pride, but you don’t really want to take the stance in the first place.

And then, social pressure, I have seen people bashing someone (including me) for voicing out different opinion, different point of view. When you have a different view than most other people do, you are labeled as underdog. That is me in the family, my opinions and views are never appreciated in my family, there is no use following their footsteps if they do not respect me in the first place. And out in the society, schools, I am underdog as well, I just think more than everybody else.

People nowadays are busy, they busy working, busy commuting, busy gaming, but they are never busy thinking, they do not invest their time into thinking, except the time when they are showering. The Internet has provided them with sufficient materials to brainwash them and allow them to take a stance easily, without thinking them thorough.

Lastly, most of us failed to zoom out and look at the bigger picture. We don’t examine and explore numerous of possible better outcomes, we merely look at the short path that most people took, the “seemingly” easy path to success – get a degree, and you have a job, and then rat race kicks in.

Maybe you feel uncomfortable reading this, because that is what you are doing, no worry, it is never too late to start to have your own idea.

How do we do then?

Start with yourself, realize that you have the right to think freely, to have your own opinion, the right to voice it out, the power to cancel the fear of social pressure, the power to change the world.

Think more, think widely and deeply, don’t take others opinions or ideas for granted, don’t copy and paste statuses. You can take others knowledge as references, but not as definitive way to think.

Zoom out and look at bigger picture, believe in your gut feeling or 6th sense (or their god in theists’ term), believe that you are one distinct individual, believe that you don’t need to follow others, believe that you have your own life.

Believe that you can be the best, believe the fact that most people are unhappy because they followed the degree-job footsteps, believe that they are trapped because they took other people’s opinion without thinking them thorough. And believe that you can avoid all these by having your own idea and stance.

Author: Anonoz Chong

Web Developer in Kuala Lumpur. Computer Science student in MMU Cyberjaya. President of IT Society MMU Cyberjaya. Rubyist.

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