Know when you should close your laptop

Laptop is more like a mind prison than a liberator.

As far as I love my laptop, Shana, I found it more like a mind prison, rather than a liberator. It is weird that I said these out, but it is true, at least for me. And I found this statement is somehow true for other people as well.

The bright lit up screen of your laptop just makes you feel like you should be doing something, perhaps typing or designing slides, but the guilt of not typing in something is slowly overwhelming you, and it just gets worse, it is a loop. The way to break the procrastination loop is by closing the lid of your laptop and lie of your bed.

But I got an assignment I need to finish tomorrow.

There is no use of leaving the lid on if you cannot think of anything good to do, apart from overly-frequent social networking on Facebook or 9gagging. In fact without the websites, the guilt that radiates from your computer entraps your state of mind. Not even music can save you.

That is where the good old paper and pen come in, they give you a touchable and more comfortable canvas to dump your mind on. You can spam the whole paper with messed up ideas that might end up useful later. They provide a level of flexibility that no digital device can provide.

It is about brain dump, what about consuming data? Here I suggest tablet device like iPad. Reading on iPad is a joy, and the full screen experience eliminates a hell lot of unwanted distractions. Reading on a laptop is totally not what I like to do, in fact it feels like a chore to read on Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Google Chrome. But on iPad, the chore becomes a joy, Safari Reader Mode, Adobe Reader, these apps come without a chrome, no useless buttons to see. Like Microsoft says, Content before Chrome, as their Metro App design principle.

So, if your mind flow get stuck one day because you got a laptop screen in front of you pressurizing  you to do something counter-productive, resist it and close the bloody lid. Lie on your bed and daydream until an idea strikes you.

Author: Anonoz Chong

Web Developer in Kuala Lumpur. Computer Science student in MMU Cyberjaya. President of IT Society MMU Cyberjaya. Rubyist.

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