4 Reasons You Should Be Leader of College Group Assignments

Being a group assignment leader is great for you.


College group assignments are retarded. You got a retarded question, mix with some retarded groupmates and end up producing retarded works. If you think you are caliber enough then you will try to improve the whole situation, by leading your bloody group assignments.

You can learn to be less passive aggressive

There is a difference between a leader and a victim. A leader goes against the fucked up hardship and strive to obtain success, instead of whining at obstacles, they grab their balls up and fight against it. Meanwhile a victim sits at the corner, see everything as negative, and treat obstacles as road blocks, they don’t try to find ways to deal with it, they whine at leaders, and they say “Aiya everybody also do like this one ma, we also do like this lo.” In some cases they even diss the hell out of great people.

Don’t be a victim. Find a solution is more productive than find someone to lash your anger or disappointment on.

This is what I noticed in APU and which is also the factor making me want to quit that college. Most students there only want to pass the exam and see assignments not as chance to improve themselves, but as roadblocks or time wasters. True I hate some of those assignments, but when it comes to group assignments I think group performance is a priority, don’t kill your groupmates.

You can learn how to be brutal

Presidents and Prime Ministers are brutal, cruel people. But this is also exactly why they can do stuff.

Let’s say there is a lazy employee that does nothing but masturbating in your company, and you are the boss, you think like “haiya this person got wife and 7 kids he needs a job, let him stay la“. But obviously, he contributed nothing to the company, you should sack him, all your other employees are tired of a wanker in the company. For the sake of everybody else, be cruel and sack him.

This is what I learned after frustrated by some group members, they contributed nothing and expect to pass, so at the end, either I will report that wanker to lecturer or I will leave the name out from final assignment. Trust me you will grin afterwards.

You can learn to actually lead, not just do everything

This is what I missed during the time in college, so I will just throw my imagination here.

The factor of a leader being chosen is usually because he is the most capable person among the losers, and everybody assume that they don’t need to contribute, the leader will automatically stressed out, sob in the corner and do everything and everyone get A+.

Well shit.


Other than being brutal and cruel to your minions or collaborators, you can lead, if they let you to. I will just assume that when lecturer assigns the work to you all, you chose all the best and most hardworking guys into your group, and they are ready for anything you throw at them.

Now, you may not even have to do the assignment itself, you just have to call them up, tell them to meet somewhere and do the stuff. Maybe you can coordinate the work progress among your group, and you don’t have to directly contribute to the assignment.

Think about it, a program development team consists of 1 project manager, 3 coders and 1 designer. We take the project manager out, and the coders and designer have no coordination and instruction to their works, it is chaotic, just like our usual group assignments.

But you put the indirectly contributor – project manager in, everything becomes so much better. The manager does not have to open his IDE or text editor, he just has to make sure every coder and designer get the progress, has their scope set and manage the kanban.

But sadly, in our college assignments, group leader does 80% of the work. While the rest just sign their name on it, or write a paragraph, or write a method of a class.

And what you learned or did pays you back when you got a job

You might not realize this yet, but this is kinda similar to real world. Except you don’t pay for your groupmates’ works, you are pretty much going to lead a whole team in a project.

It is not like you are going to be CEO of some small or big company, but in a company you can somehow be chosen as untitled de facto leader in unsure circumstances. You will know how to lead a team of 4 people when zombie apocalypse comes. You will know how to lead 20 people into a battlefield if someone attacks us. You will lead 1000 people into bombing Putrajaya if Najib and his asshole parties turn Malaysia into land of dictatorship.

See things as opportunities not roadblocks, and you will be successful in your life.

One more thing

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Author: Anonoz Chong

Web Developer in Kuala Lumpur. Computer Science student in MMU Cyberjaya. President of IT Society MMU Cyberjaya. Rubyist.

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