WOWZAPP is a failure



Windows 8 is a total revamp for Windows PCs and future tablets. But their ecosystem is far from ready, judging from their lack of apps in Windows Store and lack of developers’ supports. So the geniuses in Microsoft say that, ‘lets have a worldwide hacktahon and make the students and devs come together and make bunch of apps!’

And there goes WOWZAPP, a worldwide hackathon that focuses on building bunch of apps for Windows RT and Windows 8. Note this, this is not Imagine Cup or something, WOWZAPP emphasizes on quantity over quality. You are ENCOURAGED to build any app, shitty, buggy, useless, gimmick, as long as you fill up their Windows Store.

I dont really expect to write any app, I just want to go and check out what is there, but ended up writing a Windows Store equivalent of TakeUrTime.

Sure, out of hundreds of teams, only a few truly stands out, some of the top ten finalists got on stage and chickened out, failed to get their app to work, dont know what they want to present or whatever, total awkward moments for the whole hall. I kinda love some of the developers there, including Lim Shang Yi from TARC (I saw his stuff one week before the event at Windows 8 Dev Elite Camp), Masoud Haghi from APIIT (he actually said something useful for fellow developers, regarding user experience), and Gorhom Omar from Limkokwing (for his double apps and hair style). Other finalists just made games that I bet no one would download.

I cannot really calculate how much Microsoft and its partners have spent on this event, and it is worldwide. I typed the search term “WOWZAPP” into Google and click on News section. Nothing new after the event, no breakthrough app, no innovative solutions after the event? Really?

And how much it costs to boost a number of apps in Windows Store? Is it worth it?

Is it a dismal failure?

Author: Anonoz Chong

Web Developer in Kuala Lumpur. Computer Science student in MMU Cyberjaya. President of IT Society MMU Cyberjaya. Rubyist.