Why PIKOM PC Fair got sooo many noob promoters (Part 2)

I am sacked

As my sales record is zero. Gosh the following problems contributed to such failure:

  1. Spent too much time explaining lappies without closing the sales
  2. Helped other promoters out of mercy, without grab away theirs
  3. I gave the one and only sale to my friend

Generally, I guess I am too soft, although I am really happy to see people smiling and intrigued by the lines of laptops, I ended up getting sacked for zero sales record. How ironic.

In fact I helped a senior promoter from being raped by a programmer who asked about how to upgrade to Win7Pro. The malay that give us briefing tell him to buy pirate and format the laptop. I then told him that he can use Windows Anytime Upgrade to do it, since Windows discs are all the same, meaning that we all installed the same thing, the difference is determine by the product key. For every single time Windows boots up, it checks your product key and activates different background services for you.

Sometimes I still can’t fathom that the fact the less techie ones get the sales, I mean the girls.

The problem: I didn’t want to be promoter, I want to be promoters’ technical assistant without commission, meaning helping them out a while when they get screwed by tough customers. Xancy Tan of Thunder Match replied Noted with Thanks but the outcome is… assigned as frontline promoter with commission. I am not good at sales but I am the best when talks about and choosing the right laptops. I guess the problem is… people like Derrick are a little bit too simple minded, and he has terrible English (we speak Chinese but he insist on using crippled English).

Most promoters suck at tech

Only a few seniors and Aravind that I recommended can totally handle the job of explaining laptops. The girls are maybe, just lucky, or simply their sweet appearance that gained them businesses.

Seriously they will miss me, I showed them Ultrabook’s famous 10-secs bootup, ambient light sensors of XPS series, infrared simulated touch screen of All-In-One PC, and other little tiny bits like AlienFX editor, Dell Stage. They need a technical explanation guy like meeeee….

PC Fair? Oh I just found business opportunities for my primary business.

I deserve to get sacked for this. I can engage pretty well with intrigued customers, and I will ask about their business, and when I found that their business opens an opportunity to my freelance company I will start to give them contact numbers to me and my partner.

But I only gave two away, the first one is a boss who just started an Android App developing company, they are looking for web marketing guys, which is, us. I instantly introduced our business and some of our previous clients and he is definitely interested, I just gave him our numbers but I forgot to take his.

The second one is actually my first sale (I gave it away) , she is a tough customer and has a business of supplying Chinese medicines to SEA. I asked her whether they got a website. She said no. And I suggested that she should actually open an online store. Guess what she wants that all along but dunno who to ask. I instantly gave her our numbers, and still forgot to take hers.

Razer cheered us up!

Razer has set up an event booth, selling nothing but have a big stage and loud speakers. This seriously sucked away the attention of people from other booths there. They hired 6 dancing babes that keep on throwing gifts (keychain straps, hats, tumblers, headbands, but sometimes Ferox, Naga mice) and 10 Dota 2 players! The match is fairly interesting but I can’t watch for long as I am not supposed to.

At about 8.30 pm I still distributing pamphlets, with Alienware on top side when approaching Razer booth. I handed to a guy but he rejected it, I saw his face, it’s damn familiar. And I was surprised that he is actually CEO of Razer, Tan Min Liang. Oh well not many people surrounded him, that’s abnormal. I guess he looks down on Alienwares and plays on his Razer Blade.

Later I saw a guy wearing an e-club Malaysia uniform. I started to talk to him, all the rubbish like you guys are selling Valve games ah? And in 3rd minute I started to ask him “Where can I get Dota 2 key ah?”. Guess what, he took out a piece of paper containing a list of product keys, and he tear one for me, he told me to activate at Steam. Seriously I have no idea how much they worth. But the guy said Valve might release Dota 2 for free, like Team Fortress 2 did last year!

My friend wants to pay 5 bucks to buy the strap from me. Nah! That’s my prize 😛

That is not the job that I like

It’s damn obvious assigning me to do something idiotic is not going to be productive, 50 bucks for a day is pretty low -.-“

I insulted myself, seriously, this time. I applied for this one because I want to offer a higher quality service for PIKOM PC Fair. I wish PC fair has more techy promoter like me so the confusions of the customer can be solved. However the company’s agenda in this event, is to maximize profit, they want to get more for less, as less as possible.

Now we know why PIKOM PC Fair promoters are kinda, unprofessional in explaining to customers, they are considered pro to the dealers though, who are the ones that attempt to squeeze the most out of them.

In fact, a little optional training session for promoters might help!


What did I get from PC Fair? Dota 2 product key for free, a Razer strap, 2 potential clients, and saw chicks and babes.

Author: Anonoz Chong

Web Developer in Kuala Lumpur. Computer Science student in MMU Cyberjaya. President of IT Society MMU Cyberjaya. Rubyist.