Why PIKOM PC Fair got sooo many noob promoters (Part 1)

And so I want to buy a laptop…

And it’s PC Fair time! And after weeks of research, Google and forum reading, I decided I gonna get an Asus N55SF for my college as well as my future gaming life. So I saw Asus booth and went there, hope I can get a demo to play around and ask some advance technical things that may not be covered in online articles or YouTube reviews.

The booth is pretty nicely decorated, owned by ThunderMatch. There is a room created specially for N55 for visitors to experience its amazing sound quality. The sound is crisp, loud and bassy. Lot better than other lappies out there I believe. There is no game demo though :(

Speaking of games, I was a little worried bout its battery life. But a that time I still haven’t learn how to manually switch between graphics cards for power efficiency. So I decided to ask a young female promoter to demonstrate how to switch between gfx cards.

And the infinite loop begins! She asked another guy, and the another guy asked another one, and so on. Nobody at the booth knows how to do that. So I said ‘Screw it, let’s talk bou the price’ Immediately their Genius $$ mode switched on. The guy sure knows how to talk about price! But when I can’t stop myself from asking bout the specs, he stuck and tries to get over it! What the hell is this kind of ‘promoter’ if they don’t know bout laptops and computers! I am getting curious.

At the end I didn’t buy laptop from them, weeks after I bought it from forumer, which sells fresh lappies.

Getting behind the front line

It’s bout PC fair season again. And I saw Thunder Match posted a post bout hiring for PC fair on their Facebook Timeline. AND SO I applied and want to see how they hire, filter and teach their promoters. The first phase observation is rather surprising.

I sent an email, of my name, IC, and my preference of laptop + no-commission + as tech support class. That means I have no intention to be promoter I just want to help promoters if they got stuck in techs.

At the time of writing, it’s Tuesday, 3 days away from PC fair.

I got a classmate to go with me, Aravind Radha. He is good at choosing laptop brands, I am not that good but I am technical literate, I can explain most things that those promoters I met in December can’t.

There are lots of Chinese lil teenagers, most of them, weirdly dressed, like Hipsters and some of them are simply provocative. They don’t look like they know things about PC inside workings and knowledge of comparing parts! There is no interview, you are called inside, they tell you what to do.

Aravind is assigned to sell HP printers (I told laptop supervisor that he is good at laptop after that) while I am assigned to sell Dell laptops. And then 30 minutes of speech. The supervisor/team leader/whatever, Derrick is horrible in English, 20% of the time used to talk a little bit about Dell’s on-site support, McAfee and different series. And hoola, 80% of the time talking about credit card charges extra 4%, how to deal with customers, our minimum target of 15 lappies over 3 days, and if promoters got any problem, FIND HIM.

That’s the reason! If the supervisor is already cocky in front of what he is selling, how you expect his minions to do a better job? And he forgot to say that XPS 13 uses SSD! He only say ultrabook but didn’t go much into what Ultrabook is! Is that the way most PC fair booths work?

Then a more interesting fact came in, he asked whether anybody went to PC fair before. Only me and another malay/indian guy raised his hand up, none of the Chinese raise their hand up! C’mon they have no passion or interest in computer at all! If they have zero passion in computer, how you expect them to persuade customers into buying laptops? The reason why Steve Jobs is so successful is not only that he is creative, he is passionate in what he is doing! He loves his own products!

Seriously, the supervisor should talk more about what each series do, and tell everybody to go home and stdy bout it.

Nevertheless, I came for some… experience and insights.

Now I spill something here.

Pay per day if less than target: RM50
Commission per machine (laptop/touch screen): RM15
Pay per day if more than target: RM100

Is the pay good? Your choice.

Other PC Fair problems…

At the last hall, you will see telcos hire soooo many people line up and distribute brochures and pamphlets. You are physically spammed by their hands and vocal boxes. This is too much!

The fake products (Beats headphones especially) should not ever ever show up at PC Fair, it makes the whole event like, flea market? Pasar Malam?

PIKOM should so something about these, the quality of the previous years’ PC Fair must be restored! Apple booths are so far the best actually, their employees definitely know what they are selling, they don’t hire at last minute.

Felt offended by this post? I bet you are one of them!

Author: Anonoz Chong

Web Developer in Kuala Lumpur. Computer Science student in MMU Cyberjaya. President of IT Society MMU Cyberjaya. Rubyist.