Video creation on iPad & TakeUrTime’s 1st ads


Recently I found an app, like iMovie, does video editing on iPad, it’s called Avid Studio (well also known as Pinnacle Studio). Since it’s free, at least at the time of downloading, I got it and want to give it a try. Lemme think, what kind of topic I can do to test it out. And then, I decided, I will make a simple ads of TakeUrTime – still the best APU/UCTI/APIIT timetable viewer to date.

First I took screenshots of APU webspace and TakeUrTime. Then I used Apple Keynote on iPad to create the slides and texts. The same principle of Presentation Zen applied here. No text spamming on the slides, just the screenshots and big texts, and when appropriate, subtitles on first three slides.

Keynote can be used not only to deliver stunning presentations, you can also use it like a very very basic image editor, too bad no special effects involved. You can design charts, make photo frame, put texts. After you have finished with a slide, just tap the PLAY button on top right corner, press home button and sleep button at the same time to screenshot it. The screenshots of the slides are used as materials for the video timeline.

After the slides are done, I use Pinnacle Studio to produce the video. What it did is providing me a timeline to work on, the narration recording feature is pretty useful for me to record my silly voice. And lastly, it renders, into a legit mp4 format, that can be uploaded, shared, sync to computer.

Of course you can put video file in right from your camera roll or even your iPod! There are countless of transitions, text effects I haven’ use before, but they look so promising that it convinces me that PC is no longer that needed to do video editing work.

You can render the video at up to 1080p, but for this time I think 720p would be sufficient for a simple narrated slideshow. The final render looks like this:

It certainly is about Windows Movie Maker quality, but it serves the purpose it carries. So yea, if you are APU/UCTI/APIIT student, do check out TakeUrTime too!


Author: Anonoz Chong

Web Developer in Kuala Lumpur. Computer Science student in MMU Cyberjaya. President of IT Society MMU Cyberjaya. Rubyist.

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