The Short Story of SMK Pandan Mewah Forums and Facebook Page

I created the English & Chinese forums of SMK Pandan Mewah. But it wasn’t my idea.

During the first general meeting of PBSM club in SMK Pandan Mewah back in 2008, I was Form 2 back then, I chatted with a guy beside me, he is Yoong Kit Hoong. He asked why SMK Pandan Mewah does not have a forum. I kinda nodded and went home and started a shitty one, in Chinese version only, it is free, from China forum host service, and it looks like this.

Oh the ugly greeny forum, yucks
Oh the ugly greeny forum, yucks

After I built it, I abandoned it for about a year. I did not promote it, it did not gain any traction or users, and I don’t even remember it.

One year later, I got a notification e-mail saying that the forum had been inactive for almost a year, and ask if I want to delete it. So it was Form 3, I had a feeling for a girl, so out of the urge to impress her, I resumed the operation of the forum.

It gained a wee bit of traction from my peers, not from juniors nor seniors. In fact my English teacher asked me to promote it, I did not, and haha, you knew it, it became a ghost town at the end of the year.

Oh during that year, to make sure our non-Chinese speaking fellows don’t get left behind, I started an English version, like the one you see below.

The English Counterpart
The English version, ugly as usual, yuccckkkzzzz!

You can still click on the screenshots and visit the ghost towns, I won’t say they are particularly historical, but the impact of the forums comes later. Somehow the sites raised the awareness of ICT in the school, this is unconfirmed.

Months before PMR, I started a Facebook fan page of SMK Pandan Mewah. This is where things spiral downward. I posted a status that sparked arguments and disagreements among teachers and students:

If you have finished early, you can leave the exam hall as early as 30 minutes from the starting of the exam.

The teachers, of course, asked the admin (they may or may not know it is me yet) to take it down, because they think if students leave early, their results will be adversely affected, such as, not checking the answers, rushing through the exam, and so on.

My intention was, checking the answer is not only useless, but most of the time it made us rethink and doubt about our initial answer, and then we changed the answer to the wrong one. Plus, wasting extra hours in exam hall is not funny, you should not sleep inside, instead you should come out and study for the next exam, period.

The Facebook fan page did not get deleted, but then some extra SMK Pandan Mewah fan pages spawned up, each of them dubbed themselves as the official one, funny right?

In 2010 (or 2011, I forgot), Mr. Azuandie is upset about this, and so he pulled out his so-called ‘Cyber law’ and wanted us to shut our pages down. This is the biggest mistake I did, I shutted it down, I was afraid of being banned from the school, which is impossible for them to do, at least legally.

The “Cyber Law” never truly existed, I was too naive to think it is true. Creating a fan page for the business I never owned is not right, but it should be considered a community effort.

To patch the hole the fact that SMK Pandan Mewah never owned a Facebook fan page or forums or any web page imaginable, he started a SMK Pandan Mewah “site” with Joomla CMS. (Oh it looked much better than it was!)

The forums never lived on, I don’t really see our juniors starting anything great either, the ICT entrepreneurship in SMK Pandan Mewah is dead.

If any SMK Pandan Mewah student (not alumni) is reading this, you can try to do something, starting a forum, create a student-oriented site, not the site that shows the administrators and staffs of SMK Pandan Mewah, but like Moodle or whatever, that can truly help students. You will get a virtual medal for that.

Author: Anonoz Chong

Web Developer in Kuala Lumpur. Computer Science student in MMU Cyberjaya. President of IT Society MMU Cyberjaya. Rubyist.

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