The Logic of Decorative Cases and Apps Piracy

Why do you buy tablets, smartphones, or most app-enabled gadgets for? For the device, or for using the apps that render the device so useful in the first place? Or just to tell people you have the device, with a shining bling bling cases and covers that protect it? And protecting the device, so that you, well, make sure the device itself unharmed or so that you can protect the body that can run the apps, which really are the ones who make you gadgets so useful and so joyful to use?

Lets take an example, people love iPads. But if you give them an empty iPad with no apps on it, they won’t like it at all, right? It will be just a boring piece of shit that takes note, make reminders, alarm clocks, or, Siri. Without the apps that make it so fun and so useful, iPad itself is merely a device.

But with apps, games, other stuffs, iPad will be a really enjoyable platform, and thats what makes people love it so much in the first place. Yet, people love to spend so much on the device and covers and cases, and don’t pay for what that makes the device so enjoyable in the first place.

Apps are not expensive, compared to the softwares and games you buy to be used on a PC. And its really rare an app will stop to work, once you paid for them they will remain in the cloud, for you to redownload, on many devices, provided you have a valid account and Internet connection.

In contrast, cases are just for decorations, they are nothing more than decos and protections. But people are willing to spend so much on them instead of on apps? Really?

“But apps are really expensive!”

Ask yourself, do you need to play THAT much games and apps? I aee people have pages of folders of apps, more than 100 probably. Chances are they use less than 10% of them. For me I only use iBooks, FB, Twitter, some web developer essentials, cloud apps like GDrive and Dropbox, and maybe, Where’s My Water. Keep track of the number and which apps you will use in a single day, you will start to uninstall all the unnecessary apps, and that leaves you only three pages of apps, not folders of apps.

Then you start calculating, which are the apps that worth the price. Don’t say that Keynote, Pages are expensive, chances are you are going to use them in the future anyway, like in working places. Don’t be fooled by the high prices of some apps, excluding I am Rich, if they are going to help you then they maybe worth the price. Take the money into calculation.

If you are willing to spend so much on the device itself, please be generous to spend money on the apps that make your device so costly in the first place. Apps are the key ingredient that give the device and the platform the value and worthiness to be used by lots of people. Apps piracy exists only to let users to test drive the apps with no limitation, stop abusing it.

– AnonoZ

Author: Anonoz Chong

Web Developer in Kuala Lumpur. Computer Science student in MMU Cyberjaya. President of IT Society MMU Cyberjaya. Rubyist.

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