Group Assignments Headache – The Lazy Idiots


People hate assignments. We just hate them. But for the sake of passing the module and hopefully, get a distinction for it, they are absolutely necessary. They are important because it’s a way to evaluate us, our performance, our potential, how well we are doing, all the stats that our potential employers love to look at.

Group assignments, on the other hand, are 100x more hellish than individual assignments. Group assignments involve teamwork, which is really bad in case you are in a college with lots of shitty students like the one I am in. If you manage to group up with the best people and at least, hardworking guys in the class, you are in luck! But if you group up with the lazy idiots not by your own choice, I am sorry for you, you will have a bad time. Here is a meme haha!

Lazy Idiots Defined

The moment you feel enraged when reading this article it shows that you have a problem dealing with lazy idiots in your assignment groups. They do not like to participate in group assignments, discussion and presentation. They do not have the willpower to pass the module. They know one person (could be you) in the group will desperate enough to carry out everything to make sure everybody pass. They try everything to avoid any responsibility. And heck why do they appear in our colleges/high school whatever?

It becomes even serious when you need to spoon feed them. Group presentation, for example, needs THE WHOLE group to go out and present. You carry the burden to write the goddamn scripts for them. And heck their inability to execute the small part of plan ruined it.

I can’t give you a shotgun right now, coz I know at that moment you just want to shoot each and every lazy idiots in your group. Me too! I become so enraged thinking about it. I need an AA12.

Why are they a disease?

First their lack of ability to perform any task and lack of enthusiasm means that you cannot ever ever give them any crucial job to do. Unfortunately the whole group assignment is crucial, you just can’t slice out a piece of unimportant task for them to do! That also means they won’t get anything to do, not by choice. They will get free marks in the end, screw them!

Second, they lower the performance of the elites! Come on! Group assignments will be much more enjoyable if you are an elite, working with a bunch of elites! They know how to do stuff and they treat them seriously! And then… a lazy idiot came in, the whole team stalls, yea and other people instead of producing real stuffs, they end up spending lots of time trying to teach or even, FORCE the lazy ones to do things.

Third, it lowers the whole standard. What if, most of the teams perform so badly, that they never wanted or have the motivation to do anything better, at all? This really really defeats the whole and sole purpose of education! To be better!

Deal with them!

This section, whether you are willing to do them really boils down to your personal code of ethics.

Reporting to your lecturers or teachers won’t help, they can’t really help you to sort out this problem, you might need something harder.

The most terrible thing you can do is do not admit they took part in the assignment. If they did not contribute at all, I think it’s totally legit to remove them from your member list. Let them retake the module or exam and make sure they suffer for their sin. But you cannot alert any other party if you plan to do this, because this is simple illegal and a bit, inhumane. However to protect the rights of your hardworking and dedicated teammates, I think it’s OK to do this.

On the other hand, I really have no idea on how to deal with them.


The way to prevent is to communicate with other talented and hardworking people within the circle. Build some sort of rapport with them and pakat up so that next time if got group assignments, carry out your assignment with them. You also need to respect these people  because with their existence, there will be lesser lazy idiots in your class and make you feel like a sir!

The drastic move you can prevent lazy idiots from joining you, or they pull themselves out from your team, is to build a bad image in their community. This is really drastic that not many people dare to do, but sometimes I do that. In their eyes I am really evil jerk but hey! For the sake of good people! And for your freaking scores!


Although this post is not that long but I hope that some of you can get what I mean and try to implement in your academic life. Don’t say things like “It’s like this la!”, tell yourself, you can fix this, you can change it, it all depends on you~!


Author: Anonoz Chong

Web Developer in Kuala Lumpur. Computer Science student in MMU Cyberjaya. President of IT Society MMU Cyberjaya. Rubyist.

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