Group Assignment with Difficult People

We hate group assignments. Especially the ones from college and university.

I am totally fine with the amount of work, but amount of frustration gained from within the group itself is excruciating. You had been with stupid, irresponsible, lazy, arrogant teammates right? Then you will feel what I feel.

If you are the stupid, irresponsible, lazy, arrogant one, chances are this post is going to offend you, but you offended your teammates in the first place.

The Absentee

The day your lecturer gave assignment. He was there. And for the rest of the days? Gone.

Obviously each team can only have 4 members, and the worst part is, he is registered as being part of your team, which makes it worse since you cannot just remove him or swap another in. Or add 5th member which is attendee.

It’s vacant, it wastes the space.

Complain to lecturer? Chances are they don’t give a shit, you are on your own.

Forget about every possible effort to coerce him into doing work, even if he presents, he does NOTHING. You heard it, NOTHING.

I had been with this kind of asshole before, my solution is just remove his name from the work, and submit as a team with one less member.


The Stingy

A: Hey what have you done?

B: What others done so far?

A: Not much

B: Fine, that’s unfair for me. Screw it, I will only do when others did something.

Imagine a group full of Stingy. It would be a deadlock.

You can lie to them, saying others done something, but where to show the progress? Sometimes you are force to take over their job, yet you have to give them credit for being your teammate.

They are like absentee, maybe worse, they reserve the rights to claim their “contribution” and cannot disavow them.

I love absentee more than stingy, I can disavow them if I love to.

The Incapable

They want to do something.

But they can’t.

They tried and eventually screwed up, doubling your work. Sorry for you mate.

It just feels BAD to kick them out because they are screwing up, and group assignment exists for us to learn something. Kicking them out is like revoking their rights to learn new things.

But the Incapable keeps on bringing the whole group down., it’s unfair.

If you can avoid them when the assignments is being assigned, do it. They are not as terrible as stingy and absentee actually.

The Do-It-All

I admit, I am one of Do-It-All, but that only happens when my team happens to be full of Absentee, Stingy, Incapables. And the group assignment stagnated at 10% in final week out of 8 weeks of assignment period.

The Do-It-All is not like tell everybody to go to sleep and he does everything. No.

The Do-It-All wipes everybody’s work out, and does everything from ground up.

Sounds unbelievable? They exist!

You are in luck if you are the lazy bunch of teammates, but if you are hardworker, you just put yourself in front of bulldozer, ready to wipe you out.

The upside? They give you credit for the job you didn’t even do!


Author: Anonoz Chong

Web Developer in Kuala Lumpur. Computer Science student in MMU Cyberjaya. President of IT Society MMU Cyberjaya. Rubyist.

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