Customize Windows 8 Start Screen with Stardock Decor8

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Windows 8 Start Screen is lovely… except for its dull background, I mean, the amount of customization is just too little. I want my lovely Shana on the start screen.

Shana as the background, oh Shana <3

Fortunately, after a wee bit of Googling, I found Stardock Decor8. It is a desktop program that lets you load in your image file, and give you quite sufficient amount of customization to make it totally yours.

If you can’t see clearly, click the image to view full resolution.

You can tweak the level of fade, blurriness (I only use this one), the color tone and the most bizarre one, contrast.

But the best one is, you can set whether you want the background to move when you scroll through your Start Screen! For me, since I want to simulate Mac OS Launchpad, I make it a bit blurry and stay stationary even if I scroll through the Start Screen, so that it feels seamless when toggling between Desktop and Start Screen.

Here is what it looks like:

Author: Anonoz Chong

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