TRON Legacy: Anonoz Extension

We’ve watched TRON Legacy and we knew CLU wants to bring his program army into the real world and make the system perfect. Though he has no idea what it is outside TRON system.

If he got out from the system, he (and his army) won’t survive in real world… why? Because he is not user (human beings), ISO and he cannot modify himself without interact with the SparcStation (the computer that runs The Grid).

First, we have to know that programs are created to perform a single function, and complex programs that are written are made up of bazillion of subprograms. Since the programs created, and rectified inside the system do not have codes that can repel the real-world diseases. Even a single sneeze can kill CLU and his army.

Quorra got into the real-world and she survived. Why? She’s an ISO. If you watched the movie, you would know that their DNA is special, triple-stranded and they are stated by Kevin Flynn that they are capable of changing the world in many aspects, including medicine. So if we are not mistaken, Quorra can quickly adapt herself into real-world. BTW can ISO make a set of clothing when they are sent to real world? Why she got clothing in the real world? She is not rezzed into the system, she is just manifested. 0.0

If The Grid runs on Windows, we probably can use Recuva to sweep through the hard disk sector to recover Kevin Flynn but opt not to recover Clu and his thugs…just saying. Maybe later a bunch of hackers will rush in and save the genius from reintegration.

Next, going in and out of the system may require the famous E=MC^2 equation to calculate energy produced and energy required to get a program (or user) in and out of the system. It seems like this movie did not appreciate the equation, or they simply ignored it. And since a huge, huge, HUUUGE energy is required to convert pure energy into matters, it may used up the whole world energy supply to generate the whole CLU army.

Just saying =-Anonoz-= END OF LINE

Author: Anonoz Chong

Web Developer in Kuala Lumpur. Computer Science student in MMU Cyberjaya. President of IT Society MMU Cyberjaya. Rubyist.