SMK Pandan Mewah Uniformed Units Camping 2011 / PPS SMKPM

Backed from the camp, got an idea, and blog it quickly, aye?

I will compare this camp to the last year’s camp at Sungai Congkak, because I think our teachers are trying to copy their camp ideas and implement it inside our school to reduce costs and time (all other camping bases are fully booked? Possible)

Accommodation (3/5 stars)

Last time at Sungai Congkak we sleep (we didn’t) at built dormitories, girls inside the hall while boys have their own 2 dorms, the scouts own one of them (very spacious) while others (very noisy, untidy and messy) at the other. Heheh…

This time we sleep in tents, the boys sleep on the field while the girls are inside the square. The girls’ tents have no anchors, so when nobody is sleeping or staying inside the tents simply flew away. We did saw the teachers mega tents flew off across the square just before the rain started.

The boys tents are simply exposed but trust me, it’s way cooler and literally cooler than girls one. Why? Because there is no teacher watching us over there! We played Poker cards and talk all night till 4 am until we are exhausted and fell asleep. Open up the curtains you will start to enjoy a windy sleep, which we love the most.

No pillow, they got sleeping bags, I simply took out my bathing cloth and fold it into a pillow (still very hard though, softer than directly sleep on the hard soil), it’s quite dirty right now, with soils.

A typical boys’ tent can accommodate 10 people where our scouts’ tent accommodated 11++ people, everybody got a small little space to sleep in. What we hate is, the “fragrance” of other kids, I don’t meant to be racist but I HATE IT! The indian kid slept nakedly. He is not shameful even when I had a peek on his willy when he changed inside. WTF?

Food (4/5 stars)

Last time we only had kuih, little rice with some cabbages and fried chicken. And lastly we cooked (actually reheat) the canned sardines. Alright, nothing special, plain bored.

This time? Haha, food delights! Let me bullet them:

  1. The first dinner -> Rice + Curry Chicken (with potatoes) + Unlimited banana supplies (a little bit rotten)
  2. 2nd day breakfast -> Basic kuih with some syrups, surprisingly delicious.
  3. 2nd day 11am lunch -> Bihun + Chicken floss + Veges + Soup + optional Spicy Ketchup.
  4. 2nd day 3pm lunch -> Rice + Fried fishes (tail or head) + optional nice delicious fish soup + White tofu and cabbages + Unlimited sliced watermelons
  5. 2nd day 6pm dinner -> Rice + Black sauce roasted chicken (better than KFC, I reckon) + Unlimited watermelons + Veges
  6. 2nd day supper -> Cream crackers
  7. 3rd day breakfast -> Sardine sandwiches (pretty limited because people like Isaac stole 5 or 7 extra pieces of it when everybody is allocated to have 2)
  8. 3rd day lunch -> Fried noodle + Unlimited sliced watermelons + Unlimited Bananas + Practically unlimited cream crackers
  9. Cream crackers are available throughout the camp when there is no activity or when you managed to escape some stupid boring seminars and during limbo games.
  10. Mineral waters (500ml SeaMaster) are available all the time! You can take it whenever you like, there is bazillion of it. I urinated more than regular during the camp.
  11. And we took the emptied water bottles and make them pain inducer, turning into high pressure cannon, you know it.
  12. The hampers are also, came in bazillion, when we got the hamper we simply torn it apart and swallow the junk foods, gagagagag!

This is not a camp, this is a food fest!

Activities (2/5 stars)

The activities are not even close to tough! Even Wong Sue Hui can get pass these easily. The risk? Virtually zero! There is no climbing, beating, fighting, slicing, chopping. Most of the time? Shows, talk, presentation, gadget making and all sorts of easy craps. The problem lies in our cooperation. The co-op is hard. Most of us are malays, who love to take over Chinese’ positions as group leader.

Originally as the seniors of the camp (no other), we (4 scouts) become group leaders. But soon we got some internal conflicts (I settled by pushing a malay girl till she cried) because they do not concur with what I said. 1Malaysia? Myth busted.

Daniel Tan’s position is replaced by a piece of crap, he later took over Isaac’s job as the tent leader. But he simply does not want to get his hand dirty, like stuffing the folded tent into the bag.

And yea, do you know this song? 1Malaysia by a boy and girl? We have heard them 30-40 or perhaps 50++ times throughout the camp. The deejay keeps on repeating. At first we are “oh yea, what a nice song!” then later “WTF this s*** again?”. I’m tired and ANNOYED by this song.

Playlist throughout the camp, which shows how pathetic the malay teachers are in listening and discovering “new” songs:

  1. 1Malaysia
  2. Chicken Dance
  3. Potong Bebek Angsa (18SG)
  4. Hey Baby (Drop it to the floor)
  5. Sorry Sorry
  6. I Like it (Crap-ass remix)
  7. and a lot of 1malaysia…


The activities we did:

  1. Ice-breaking -> Presentation, groups are formed with averagely 15 members, groups named after locally grown fruits (we are the slowest and therefore named after Cempedak), present your group’s name, motto, sorakan (kind of lava injection) and your group members. This is the worst thing I (we) have done, as the malay beaches in my group suddenly have their balls shrunken and walked away.
  2. Morning exercise -> along with some crap shit music we did some basic exercises, like we did every Saturday co-co.
  3. Orientating -> With a compass and a given list of bearings, groups are required to find our the shapes drawn on the positions and copied them to a piece of paper. FAILED because every group behind simply have to follow the group at front, which completely nullified the functions of bearing whatsoever. We won third placed for following Alex’s group.
  4. Marching -> Not even moving, just some basic commands.
  5. A talk of first AIDS -> Finally we all get a chance to sleep. The hellish thing? We lost the competition that want us to use triangular bandages to make a sling. Shame on me.
  6. Gadget making -> Given a 9m thread, a piece of knife and a lot of bamboo sticks (aka satay sticks). Requried to make 3 gadgets, a shoe rack (which houses only 1 shoes), a dish rack and an optional gadget. We lost (of course). Shame on me, because we have learned this before and I forgotten, what an asshole group leader)
  7. 1Malaysia performance -> Can be drama, can be show choir and can be dancing. We won 3rd place. Synopsis will be revealed later if I get 10 likes for this post.
  8. Limbo rock -> Issac topped at 3rd place which stunned everybody in the camp as he is the tallest (way taller than champion and 2nd) and managed to get past even when the line is beyond most’ capability.
  9. Last? Cover up your eyes with a piece of cloth, grab hold a nylon rope and start walking. Eventually everybody’s rope will be severed and be asked to sit down. When we took the cloth off, everybody is scattered around the garage and field, no people get effed in this. My legs get tortured by plants’ thorns though.
  10. Next day? Morning exercise and nothing more, packing up and disassemble the tents. A teacher’s purse get stolen and 400 bucks are gone. We stayed till 12.45 pm and get released because nobody is caught stealing the money. It’s raining heavily. Home sweet home!



Last time we slept for less than 30 minutes.

This time? The first night we stayed awoke (except Isaac) to play cards (haha), talked, and then stole biscuits. 4am – 5 am first round of sleep. After waking up we walked to command centre (foyer) and slept till 7.30am and start exercising before group leaders are told to wash toilet (I didn’t, I just stood there along with Alex and Isaac to watch them wash)

Second night is awesome, I lied down forĀ  2 minutes the next thing I know is the whole tent being late, and got penalty later. 5am and again at command centre we slept till 7am. Had a nice sleep!


Not a bad experience, but this time it’s rather slower-paced and much more “easy” pumping, I cheated many times during the pumping penalty and the girls? Simply pinch your ears!

From my perspective this camp can be compressed to 1 night, the activities are not that much either.

By the way there is one more camping for scouts, the district level. Looking forward to it.

Author: Anonoz Chong

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