Obviously FAULTY reference book

This article is for Form 5 students who study Interlok and bought the reference book from Sasbadi.

I seriously gonna point out some serious mistakes made by Sasbadi, and now I suspect that the author duo have some problems with Malay grammar. Holy…

This problem intensifies, when students tend to memorize everything written in reference book, and never read the whole synopsis and plots and digest them thoroughly, well blame MOE Malaysia too because they planted the idea in students that “memorize PWN SPM”, well that’s kinda true, I yawned.

The theme (tema) inside it stated that

Penghijrahan untuk menjalani hidup yang lebih baik
(People migrate to lead a better life)

Damn, what’s that? This theme only exists in the starting of Cing Huat and Mariam’s part! Senam is not even highlighted on this. The whole idea, and the purpose of this novel made for Form 5 students supposed to show this theme?

Kerjasama kaum-kaum dalam membina negara berbilang kaum yang aman dan sejahtera

(The cooperation of races in the development of multi-racial country)

Or simply call it

Sejarah Malaysia

(Malaysia’s History)

that’s pretty straight forward right?

Now let’s point our ONE simple grammar mistake

Ever notice the Inti Pati Bab – Buku 1 – Bab 1 – Last sentence

Orang-orang kampung …. jenayah Pak Musa


Orang-orang, which in fact, means scarecrow, and this fundamental mistake that even an elementary school student should be able to shout, ROFLMAO.

And jenayah? Is it typo?



Reference books suck, sometimes, they are only good in shortening synopsis but they are simply not good in interpreting the arts…

Author: Anonoz Chong

Web Developer in Kuala Lumpur. Computer Science student in MMU Cyberjaya. President of IT Society MMU Cyberjaya. Rubyist.