I hate Facebook Spammy Statuses!

I believed that you are annoyed (except some girls) by spammy statuses on Facebook, or it’s spreading fear and terror (FB is closing on xxxx), they are all spam and stupid. Spam statuses look like this:

The chain status, in Chinese.

Facebook is experiencing bandwidth problem and will start to terminate accounts on 15 March, share this status to 15 friends or your account will be terminated.

It’s stupid, why there are still people think that “Facebook’s gonna close? Fine I will pass this around”. First of all, there is absolutely no way to track whether you shared or spread this status, how you modify it, and whether you removed it. But unfortunately not many people understand the mechanism of computer and servers.

There is no way a billionaire would do something devastating to his hard work! Facebook worths 50 billions USD you know?

The second one maybe more retarded…

2012 is confirmed

2012 is purely fictional, I wonder why people still believe in superstitious things like this? Stop spreading the fear, if any scientists would say something like that you can expect his license card is confiscated. Even the movie 2012 is rated as the worst sci-fi movie all the time! They even spread this kind of spam along with video (Made in China).

What about this one, this is way even more bullshit:

You have to go to C:/Windows/System32/…. and find HOST, edit it to ass a line *.*..*.* www.facebook.com so it will load faster

Oh please don’t do that, if you used the method above, you are ignoring the DNS, and you access facebook via that IP you have typed. That means you might not accessing the real Facebook. People to spread things like this, they have no good intention of doing so, if you really want to access Facebook faster, sorry… wait until the underwater fiber optic to be fixed. But don’t redirect your Facebook to an unconfirmed IP. You can test it by typing into your address bar without having to put into HOST file.

But there are some common features of spams:

  • They tend to ask you to share or tell a lot of friends before you can open that content
  • They often asked to post something on your Facebook
  • They love to do things that Facebook Developer API does not allow them to do
  • They love to upload a photo to your profile and tag them randomly.
  • They are terrorism oriented posts

I do hope everybody use Facebook responsibly… stop spreading and sharing useless stuffs. And I wrote this post because most girls believe in chain stuffs.



Author: Anonoz Chong

Web Developer in Kuala Lumpur. Computer Science student in MMU Cyberjaya. President of IT Society MMU Cyberjaya. Rubyist.