Discussion on SMK Co-curriculum system

It’s kinda fun to join co-curriculum activities in school, they take place in Wednesday or Saturday… and many people don’t know it’s importance for getting a student into university or scholarship. It’s supposed to be fun, but why people hate it and even skip it is usually because the bad managements done by school administrators.

1) Vote-n-Poll

Dude… how many teachers out there are volunteered to administrate a club or a group? And are they in diamond league of doing that?

If the teacher is pro enough in that certain field, the stupid polling and voting system woulda been out of equation. But hey, just because he doon’t know enough of the field and the students, some badass chairman and chairwoman and anything else are poorly elected. The good ones, the pros are sunken, like ME!!!

2) Roles swapped?

The chairman is nearly powerless in junior clubs or groups. The advisor, which is the teacher should only advise student… not take over control of the club!

3) Coward Boss

How many chairmen out there dare to suggest activities, writing proposals and run it? Most of them are not doing that until teacher tell them to do so. So far Yap Kwan Hui is the best guy here, he did a lot, props to him.

And this happens because of…

4) Restrictive school admins

The more restrictive school admins become, the harder the activities can be run. Especially in Malaysia how can you expect teachers let you do something that make the school famous without their direct participation, they hate good students… for override them.

Please stop this bad circulation now… the solution lies in your hand buddy.

Author: Anonoz Chong

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1 thought on “Discussion on SMK Co-curriculum system”

  1. 5) Students are forced to attend

    I think this is the most stupid part of curriculum. 90% of the students who attend often force themselves to attend which also includes me myself most of the times. So it’s all about taking attendance and wasting 2 hours before going back home, just for the sake of attendance. Malaysia’s education really fails because every time they implement something, they do it by force. Thus, curriculum should be a free choice instead, which students will go to learn or have fun thus making a more better society/environment.

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