Animals Unprotected – Malaysia

Facebook Viral Video – A female cat murderer, or I called her psychopath, is going hot on Facebook. She tried to cover her deed and thanks to some mini justice, she failed. And now she is being flamed terribly on Facebook.

Lemme know what you think or you can straight away comment on the album and spread the fury.

Here’s the official description (some Engrish involved)

this cat muderer is a TB,she is a girl!!!
she deleted her profile, and report the video before.
n now, the video uploaded again n i get her photo from 1 of my fren.
my fren and i don know this murderer,so far we oni can get her photo but don know wer she live n her hp num.
we juz know her previous fb’s name is ‘MR.LONENY MR.LOUIS’ (if i not mistaken)
so guys! spread it out!!!! find her!!!

latest update!!
thx for searching her hp num!
now we got her num adi!!!



In fact there is no law, unlike in some other European countries, to protect these animals from being harmed. Some town councils even have some sorts of covert ops to catch the dogs, and kill them. Yea in Ampang they even host competition for people to shoot crows and catch rats for monnay… Stupid deal anyway.

But this cat case, I have no idea why, but these cats have nothing to do with town hygiene, I don’t think they pollute the town horribly that a girl will come out and yell “HOLY CRAP WHERE IS MY DOG???” “Your dog? The cat jizzed in their food and your dog died”

Author: Anonoz Chong

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