We hate bullies, especially in-school

Guys did you watch this video on Facebook before, have you ever known there are many videos like this flying around the social utility? Guess what, this is only one of the in-school violence case of Malaysia, and it’s getting worse.

Look at da comments and I found out it’s because of the victim said something bad or spread a scandal or something, but I think that these guys should not do such thing to this girl. Look at her she is frightened!

SMKSB? What is that school, can anybody tell me? Why is the boy so happy and show off in this video?

I really really hope that the school authority will expel all these students from that school forever!

Author: Anonoz Chong

Web Developer in Kuala Lumpur. Computer Science student in MMU Cyberjaya. President of IT Society MMU Cyberjaya. Rubyist.

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