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Guys, you may not ready for this post yet. So why don’t read some funny and coarse replies from The Pirate Bay (previous post of Anonoz Blogology)?

So you are ready for this, a massive debate between piracy, file sharing, P2P, copyright, DMCA, Hollywood, Labels, Artist, Pop corn seller and the floor sweeper. What you about to watch is the revolution of content management that copyrighted materials can be easily copied since the invention of VCR, cassette and the worst, Internet.

With the power of Internet, copyrighted materials can be shared terribly quick that they even share an unreleased album even before it’s premiered or released, a perfect digital copy. If they are released on cinema, there are CAM, Telesync. After that we got DVDRip and BDRip.

There is no way for lawsuits, legal action, lawyers, IP banning to shut down bunch of this kind of Torrent, Direct Download like that, just no way. If you shut down on of it, there are still hundreds of it out there.

Then here’s a funny sentence or quote from Steal This Film Part I:

Home cooking is killing the restaurant.

or more like

Home CD burning is killing the record label and contracted artists?

Yeah, it will just eliminate the artists out, if and only if:

  • The sale is bad
  • No radio want to license them
  • The record label is too small or like, indie (independent, not india, thank you)
  • Everybody is running out of money, so does the label

But that’s not happening to Lady Gaga, Coldplay, and major labels and artists right? So the piracy didn’t drive them to nuts, it’s just a loss of profits. But hey, there are still a big crowd of buyers, a lot of radio stations and mobile telco stores, caller ringtones, iTunes, Beatport. Still the labels and studios want to fight against piracy, again, according to the video

The Piracy Of Culture

The Culture of Piracy

Hollywood’s “Fight against piracy” means “fight to preserve profits”

True, they actually earned enough money to develop furthermore and stabilize the company! But they still want to save back the loss profits, they are quite selfish. Microsoft too! Even if they reduce their pricing of Windows and Microsoft Office and other of their titles, they still gain alot, that’s why Bill Gates become one of the richest man on the world, justify this

  • Windows 7 = OEM (it’s cheaper) RM2xx ~ Rm 1xxx
  • Microsoft Office = RM 249 (Carrefour Ampang) ~ RM 1xxx

Why, you got a lot of money aren’t you, even if you reduce the price to this:

  • Windows 7 = RM 59 ~ RM 249
  • Microsoft Office = RM 59 ~ RM 349

You still earned too much, bro, what you doing now is like, flaming up the market of pirate! No wonder so many people would opt to go for Torrent and in foreign countries they only take minutes to finish the download!

Who cares about the trade sanctions from US to Sweden, or any other international action, there is still no law to arrest a company that only control the network movement, recording hashes and checksums, legal fails, pirates win :)

Download Steal This Film Part I and Part 2:

(Please install uTorrent before you start the download, it’s only 200 kb)

I chose the best configuration for you to download, it’s going to cost you a lot of hard disk space, but don’t worry you can just delete it after watching 😛

Part I

Part II

Trust me, watching the videos is just fun, a fight for piracy, and a fight for profit, whom do you support?

Author: Anonoz Chong

Web Developer in Kuala Lumpur. Computer Science student in MMU Cyberjaya. President of IT Society MMU Cyberjaya. Rubyist.