SMK Pandan Mewah discipline teachers… 30 minutes daily + everyday the same stuffs

Thanks for reading this post, but I’m not specifically attacking on any teachers. In case they really gonna arrest me, inject me, and interrogate me. I trust you guys can help me out (or else, XD)


So another Anonoz Blogology post…

K I think we all know that everyday in the morning, they are going to rumble about the discipline. But wait, I think our disciplines are good enough to fright your mum off! The targets of the teachers are essentially, the bad ones.

Targets on their own, which dragged us for 30 minutes!

  • Smokers
  • Morning, sitting on the benches
  • Shouting like monkeys
  • etc 😛

Sorry I think I’m not the ones who are going to be scold by YOU, ‘Is maize’  and ‘Nea-sam’

OK, to Weng Kin: SMKPM does not sucks, in fact we are the best government school in Hulu Langat, thanks to us… But it’s the incorrect planning of the teachers, which don’t even think thoroughly!

To Kok Mun Yee: Bravo for creating this group!

Join the group if you haven’t …

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