Problems Report on Co-curriculum

This post is only dedicated to co-cu hardcores, that you at least attend co-cu as much as possible. Else you are not going understand what are facing now.

I know you guys are awesome in co-cu, or you just love it. But I think there are something wrong between the school and co-curriculum, like they are so harsh on the activities.

Let’s start from the first activity, the annual meeting or known as ‘Mesyuarat agung’. For each co-cu they only allocate 30 minutes. Which for me is like:

  • 10 minutes – Waiting for people to gather up in the first activity –.-“
  • 15 minutes – Name checking –.-“”
  • 10 minutes – polling for AJK (problematic part) = wasting 5 mins of the next one
  • 10 minutes – again, waiting for people to look for the right class and enter
  • 15 minutes – again, namelist checking, I’m jizzing in my pants now, because only 10 percents of them will attend
  • 10 minutes – polling for AJK
  • and the last 25 minutes are the same

The time is so short that the time wasting name checking process took 1/3 of the time allocated, what a dumb time allocations! Name checking is definitely not a good thing to do in Mesyuarat Agung, or it’s more like a puppet meeting. So here’s the fact, most people from classes behind don’t even bother to care about their co-cu points, or they can’t taste the awesomeness of some co-curriculum activities.

The name list is so long that you just say tl;dr. And from the computer club I joined there are merely 5 active members, I missed my seniors last year they rock the club out of the hell into the heaven! They even know how to dissemble computer chasis into parts and put them back again. That’s the point, every serious and dedicated AJK of co-cu want to have an active club with a lot of active members, we hate the lazy guys who signed up and never attend to it.

The polling for AJK is one of the biggest problem, any dude with no ability can become a chairman if many people of his friends join the club or society, while the smart ones or the one that is better in management. The teachers don’t care about it, seniority is busted in this kinda polling. I still remember that when we were at the camp the teachers request us to elect a ‘penghulu’, suddenly the juniors polled for Form 2 nobody to stand out and be the boss, we are all dissatisfied by their actions. Luckily at the end Sri has been chosen to be ‘penghulu’.

When nobody can fill a post in AJK, they randomly picked one that doesn’t even active in co-curriculum. Computer club this year chose a chairman that is not even attend computer club meeting at all, just because they are Form 5 doesn’t mean she can do that!

The lazyness of members is the big problem that fails a club or activity, refuse to go on with a campaign or sports, AJK hates that.

Factor that too, fail the normal days:

  • Time is not enough
  • Limitation of venues
  • Absence of members
  • Weather
  • Bad discipline during drilling
  • Inactiveness of members
  • Activities that don’t fit the central idea of club

So what I suggest the school authority:

  1. Extend the duration of meeting
  2. Reduce the limitations and restrictions on co-cu
  3. Stop using random mode to drop students on unwanted or undesired clubs
  4. Increase the times the activities carry out per year

Hope for some improvements that never come for 4 years

Author: Anonoz Chong

Web Developer in Kuala Lumpur. Computer Science student in MMU Cyberjaya. President of IT Society MMU Cyberjaya. Rubyist.