Operation Carrier

Although I myself love to build carriers, but I don’t like my team mates to do so. Most of them sacrificed their carriers badly for not knowing how to micro them correctly. And the initial preparation was done poorly.

If you really really want to go carrier, you gotta make sure you have a steady economy first. And before you can stabilize your economy, base safety must be assured. This strategy is strongly unrecommended in 1v1 match up.

If can you should expand in the first 7 minutes, if your enemy rushed your team, and the rush is neutralized, consider to expand to gold expansion. The key of gold expansion is not only to obtain high yield minerals, but also delay the economy of your enemy and thus gain am advantage later on. You are recommended to tell your teammates to expand to gold expansion so your enemies will have some disadvantage in your economy.

Since you are going on a strategy which is gas intensive, you should put 3 workers per vespene gas and 2 workers per mineral patch. In gold expansion? Same stuff.

Wall off your main base with pylons, gateway and cybernetics core. It’s more recommended to build some cannons around your mineral line to make sure no Dar Templar get in and disrupt your plan.

Build 2 or 3 stargates and right after they finished immediately get yourself Fleet Beacon.

If your economy allows start building carriers right away, remember carriers are not used to rush, but to end the game, kelp Chrono Boost the stargates. What’s more upgrade the Air weapon to level 3 as fast as possible and get Graviton Catapult.

Graviton Catapult not only for our eye candy but also vital to deal high DPS to any defensive system and massive units. Remember, Graviton Catapult only benefits the launching of interceptors but it’s deadly enough to eliminate Carriers counter units such as void ray and battlecruiser. A fleet of carrier with Graviton Catapult is just like Yamato cannon to battlecruiser.

Make sure your economy is steady enough and keep on building carriers, don’t remember to build pylons otherwise your production will come to a halt.

It’s more recommended for you to get at least 8 carriers with full in hangar before you launch an assault. And Air Weapon upgrades benefit Carriers the most.

During the battle, launch interceptors at a target and the interceptors will swarm the area, from that on interceptors will first kill anything bad for Carriers like marines, Viking, BC or corruptors. It’s better for your interceptors to die rather than wasting carriers. If the enemy chases your carriers, keep on running your interceptors will still attack until the target is too far away. Then you continue to assault and hopefully Graviton Catapult can kill more enemies quickly during the launching.

If your enemy built many corruptors and Vikings or void ray or hydralisk, then your carriers are nothing but rubbish. Try hit and run tactic and let your carrier retrieve all your interceptors, 10 carriers should be enough to kill 2 corruptors during quick launching.

Unfortunately Carriers are unsuitable for most matchups and league games, Void Rays are better alternative, the key is try building Stargates beyond enemy scanner sweep (not hard to guess) and detection area. Fleet beacon exposed your intention.

Since carriers are expensive investment, build a mothership as well so you can retreat your Carriers should they fail in the raid. Build more carriers and then fight again. Make sure the train interceptor button is on auto casting mode.

Author: Anonoz Chong

Web Developer in Kuala Lumpur. Computer Science student in MMU Cyberjaya. President of IT Society MMU Cyberjaya. Rubyist.