Music Recommendation of the month (June 10)

Hey guys this is the first issue of music recommendation which covered the tracks that I posted on Music Page (

OK before I show you the musics, please

Alrite, alrite, now here we go.

Diary by Tino Coury

First Tino Coury, he is a new indie artist which contracted to Eleventh Music and Universal Music. His new, debut and only single, Diary, hits Tap Tap Revenge and received a big boost on YouTube. The evidence?

Oh damn it, the green thumbed comment is removed, how bad is it~

OK so this is the current Jukebox track, premiere~

But when you scroll through the comments, there are many people confessed they came here to watch video just because of Tap Tap Revenge 3 featured track…

Hella Good by No Doubt

No Doubt is a really old band which is currently inactive due to the missing (not that missing!) Gwen Stefani.

This song is just so classic mix of electronic and drum, it’s not going to rock anybody ass off.

Anyway I bet most of you will like this song!

Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana

So don’t look at the baby,Nirvana is an old band which disintegrated in 1994 due to readdiction of heroine of the leader.

Forgive that the low quality of this song, it meant to be like that.

But trust me, they are originally an infamous band. But with a sudden boost of Smells Like Teen Spirit, they get famous all in a sudden.

There are more songs in the MUSIC PAGE, so check them out, like Nickelback, Armin van Buuren and more!

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