Malaysia Government memang gitu coward ke?


So I watched the video, I liked it, I support him, I am anti-racist, I tried to halt people from being racist, I supported him to become a wakil rakyat, I’m on against his obscene language, I know he’s extreme patriot.

After that the incidents show that government is racist, is helping their own ethnics, the women (Puteri UMNO) are menstruation *LOL*, Siti HAJAH Inshah is freed, since she visited Mecca before, and as 1Malaysia, the Malaysia is belong to … BN.



How many times I have to say, why don’t government and staffs involved think about their own faults, instead they go and attack the true & brave? Why? Is it Malaysia? Was Name Wee dropped our reputation? Or is it government that dropped our reputation? Why are teenagers supporting Name Wee instead of government?

That’s mainly due to Malaysian Education destroyed the geniuses… including Name Wee, they restrict the authenticity of UEC certs in Malaysia universities…

Of course I laughed at the incident that Najib ask Malaysians to name his newly bought cat (he didn’t adopt it from SPCA? Lame!) And many people named his cat “Altantuya” ?

If Malaysian Government seriously wants a new approach, please respond to Name Wee and his fans truthfully, faithfully and honestly, positively. Why jail him? Why fine him? Why don’t you fine yourself? Stop acting like a big bloaty coward!

Author: Anonoz Chong

Web Developer in Kuala Lumpur. Computer Science student in MMU Cyberjaya. President of IT Society MMU Cyberjaya. Rubyist.