Jargon Buster for some Torrent Terms

Maybe you don’t know what is torrent, or maybe you are new to it. Believe me, when you got this straight you might be addicted to Torrent community (I mean downloading and seeding, staring at the ever-increasing share ratio).

When you download a movie, there are some terms that will tell you the quality of the movie, such as:

    • CAM – Camera is the worst method to obtain a movie, simply by holding a handphone or a handycam to shoot the video and audio from the big screen.
    • TS / Telesync – The shooter corrupts the projector manager and out a camera beside the projector while the audio can be obtained from the audio jack on the seat. (I know, Malaysia don’t have it)
    • DVDScr – The source video for DVD which is pretty clear and good enough
    • DVDRip / BDRip – Ripped from DVD or BD, they are only available when DVDs on the movie are on sale, it’s the highest quality imaginable.

So here comes the serious stuff, what I told you earlier is only about the movie, but you can’t dive into the world of Torrent like that!

    • Tracker(s) – The server that tracks the movement of files across a torrent swarm, usually broadcast your IP address and give you the IP addresses that have the file.
    • Seeder – The user which no longer downloads the file (100%) and seeds the file to other users.
    • Leecher – The user which is still downloading the file (<99.9*%) and at the same time, it seeds file too!
    • Peer – Any computer that is swimming in the swarm.
    • Share Ratio – A ratio which calculates your contribution (Upload/Download), to achieve optimal level it’s better to be higher than 1.000
    • Magnet Link – A new system that replaces .torrent metadata file with just a simple URI to start the download.

OK So you got some more jargon for you to remember.

Author: Anonoz Chong

Web Developer in Kuala Lumpur. Computer Science student in MMU Cyberjaya. President of IT Society MMU Cyberjaya. Rubyist.