It’s embarassing to watch the performance of ‘che ling’ while playing ‘Sorry Sorry’ as background music

Justify the title as shown above.

Eh c’mon, the chinese club in SMK Pandan Mewah is seriously letting us down. I don’t know what they are up to, who is the chairman and what are they organizing. I watched the video that the whole club was playing balloon stepping which is a game with no-life.

Does this game improves your knowledge towards Chinese, our maiden language?

OK… I know you are a big kid, you can answer the question. This blog won’t give you the answer, I want you to justify the whole stuff.

Last year, Anthony, Cjy and Lim Zhi Heng were performing Che Ling as the Co-curriculum featured assembly, that’s quite good, playing a classic chinese music, and it impressed the crowd, even if there were numerous mistakes. Who cares? We all enjoyed it.

But this year, I don’t know why, first the music is like electronic, I stunned, I am surprised, where did the classical musics go? Did they lost the disc? They don’t even have the disc!

Oh c’mon, it’s Sorry Sorry by the 13 gays band Super Junior? They are korean, I know that they are evolved from the Chinese ethnic but their culture is totally different from us.

For me, I can’t really accept that teenagers these days use an inappropriate background music for a historical sport, Che Ling is awesome, the player is awesome. But the 2nd player beside Anthony chose the wrong track, so wrong!

I hate something like this happen, and don’t complain that I have ego, if that worth my time to complain, this blog is the place. Please, next time, go to CD-Rama or Rock Corner, sure there will be some cheap classical Chinese music. Just not ‘Sorry Sorry’, I really really afraid next time they play Daft Punk’s musics.

Author: Anonoz Chong

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