Is piracy a buffer of economy flow?

I mean, did you ever ever read the previous post like the legal threats and the movie I told you? K, here’s the fact, most of us support piracy, because the genuine copies of intellectual property are way too expensive, most of the time, beyond what we can afford.

From the view of property owner, I mean the creator, feels they deserve every penny and sterlings for their creations. Every rental, every purchases, every playback on cinema theatre, they spent hours of work on them, and the movies feed pop corn maker, roomkeeper as well.

On the other hand, they earned too much. Even if we deduct the theoretical loss due to piracy to the actual profit, they still earned too much. If we support original in every piece of creation we are all in a bankruptcy state. This is a situation in Chinese known as “????” or the rich men are too rich and the poor ones are too poor. The gap will be terribly large else the normal guys like us would have to sacrifice mainstream entertainment, movies and music.

Wait, and the creators start to make noise again. By stating:

No one should get these hardworks for free!

Ha yes, we should have paid for the contents, but no, you guys are strip away our money, no…

Go on and compare the profits to invested ratio, don’t you guys think they earned too much? Again, we have to do the equation

Fight against piracy = Fight for more profits

There is where all the hypocrisy comes, no matter what we fight for, there must a return. Laws are protecting the copyright owners, they do have the rights to set recommended retail prices and policies of sales, but they will start to be greedy due to the overprotecting of law, and it’s something like against the humanity, beyond our sights.

Once you start to sell the contents in sharable media in CD, VCD, DVD, iTunes, you can’t stop it from sharing illegally across websites, forums, and trackers.

Here comes the debate of Torrent technology, torrent trackers are often sued by content makers but the sues are all ended in failure. Trackers only do:

  • Host torrents
  • Keep track of each computers in the swarm
  • Diagnose the health status of each torrent
  • EXCLUDE hosting any copyrighted files

Yes they don’t even host copyrighted materials, so how to sue them? Just no way. Torrents only do what they do, or we called them trackers. Although they host torrents that lead to the file itself, but it’s only a tour guide, it’s not a file provider, so stop sueing them with idiotic data or references or even, proof.

Come on, Hoolywood, Metro Goldwyn, Warner Bros, Universal, Sony Columbia, are all earned too much, it’s time to go with some bufferings, in the mean of piracy. Sorry you guys (labels, and studios, except indie or local proj) are too mean to us, you guys are too materialistic.

Author: Anonoz Chong

Web Developer in Kuala Lumpur. Computer Science student in MMU Cyberjaya. President of IT Society MMU Cyberjaya. Rubyist.