iPod Touch G4 is way too awesome, so why go for iPhone 4?

In the morning, about 6am, I grabbed the iPhone, boot up Facebook, I noticed many people write about the new iPod Touch. It’s the Apple refreshing season, occurs about every 10-11 months they will launch a new line of iPods.

iPod in this article means iPod Touch G4

I went to Apple site, I shouted so badly… There are some notable new features in IPT4:

  • HD recording (WHAT???)
  • Facetime (2 cameras???)
  • A4 (BOO-YAH!!!)
  • 40 hours of battery life for music playback (WALAU WEH!)
  • Game Centre (Not that significant, for me)
  • RETINA DISPLAY (This is what they called ‘epic cutting edge’)

And the price? Starts from MYR 829 for 8GB. 8 GB may not be enough for me, since I wasted a lot of space, and 8GB is for those who want to enjoy the features without wasting too much on capacity, maybe they have very few songs and video in the library. 32 GB is adequate and it’s quite affordable too. 32 GB should be enough for music, but HD recording eats a lot right? If you are about to go for vacation, go for 64GB ti capture all those moments in your life.

The Wi-Fi is now equipped with N specifications! But it only runs on 2.4Ghz not the 5Ghz backbone.

I can’t see much difference of battery life between iPhone and iPod and the differences are phone, modem and GPS. Both of them have gyroscope and accelerometer. The price, is the major difference, iPod starts from 829 whereas iPhone starts from 2490, neglecting the contract, for sure, I can’t afford 24 months of big fat bills.

There is one thing that many people missed out. In every generation of the same period, iPod’s performance always better than iPhone’s. Since they use the same processor, iPod only handles the running apps. But iPhone has to handle signals, line switching, incoming calls, and everything else. So everybody should note that iPod always perform better than iPhone. Price? Same.


Go for iPod but not iPhone. GPS is pretty much useless for me and I prefer a thinner and long lasting battery device. I don’t like it when I’m playnig an intensive game, especially gun-shooting and Tap Tap Revenge Online, a phone call comes and they give me penalty. That’s awkward.

iPod Touch becomes more ideal now, and the price is definitely cheaper now… Performance is freakishly good now… Now even got cameras… I love iPod ^3^

Author: Anonoz Chong

Web Developer in Kuala Lumpur. Computer Science student in MMU Cyberjaya. President of IT Society MMU Cyberjaya. Rubyist.