Haha! The obvious and sarcastic reasons that failed Malaysia Education!

OK, so I learnt this and I agree what my dad and Amir said, even I have to laugh on this!

If you pay attention to Physics and Add Maths textbooks, you may not learn everything to pwn on examinations. The books are intended to sparks on the critical thinking of a student, so the student won’t just memorise, hafal everything they should learn…

Since we all have problems dealing with Physics Textbook, we have our last resort, SUCCESS, NEXUS or LONGMAN to get us out of the jeopardy. But wait, SUCCESS or whateva it is, are the knives that stab Msia Edu into a world of fail. Everything from thinking turned into memorizing, the stupid ones can be clever one, while the clever one become stupid ones, that sucks.

Those students in America, not by reading Success, but they have to go to library on their own…

by Amir

So you guys should got it, we are actually ‘lazy’ ‘no-lifers’ ‘bainless bookworms’? Originally we are not belong to this group of people. But Malaysia Education + SUCCESS did that for us. Still, we cannot compete with our classmates purely by thinking critically, that won’t help us anymore, they have SUCCESS, they have SASBADI… they have VIAGRA, they have WHATEVA!

You guys should know that I suck in 4 Alpha, do you want to know why? Because I’m lazy, and that’s it, if you want to win, you don’t need a quadro-core-brain, you need SUCCESS, and a big HDD capacity in your brain, and you win…

OK, so now there is even a page in Wikipedia that is nominated for deletion, but then, it symbolises a big big fail in Malaysia Education, redirect to Wikipedia… Issues in Malaysia Education

Did you read that? Huh? I’m embarrassed when I saw the hot chicks beat me in the first exam, the second exam? Yap Siew Mei outwitted Lim Zhi Heng, Yow Siew Seng. That’s awful…and Tuition Phenomenon, and it’s mentioned in Wikipedia… look at Lim Zhi Heng, how good is he, but he still attends to the tuition centre just to guarantee he can get good results, and we are all doing that!

There is a section that everybody tied onto, STRING OF AS, we are bonded and contracted to the results. As it says,

On July 2008, Regent of Perak Raja Nazrin Shah said that getting a string of As is meaningless if students fail to understand, appreciate and practice good values, and describing that excellent results as mere pakaian luaran (external appearance), there would be uneven development of human capital if students failed to inculcate good morals. “This will lead to society and the country to suffer”. He also said that people with good moral values always hold firm to life principles especially in defending truth and justice. Students should be taught not to lie or rely on leaked examination papers just to obtain higher grades. He noted that while positions and posts could give one power, one would be judged by the people. “There are many people who obtained positions and posts but there are not many who die with a good name”

YEAH! Success? Longman? Sasbadi? We are no-lifers! We are all study just wanted to get A! That’s a negative evolution of edu system in Malaysia! Let me ask you, what is the point for Nabi hijrah to Madinah? You just got the answer perfectly from text book and tell me,

Ini adalah strategi untuk menyebarkan Islam…

You got it right, and a green tick is on your head, but not on your knowledge…

Then there is a next problem, let’s say I want to study and work on computer programming when I’m adult,

Biology – irrelevant
Chemistry – not so relevant
Physics – huh?
Add Maths – relevant
Maths – yes, the antecedent and consequence are the programming…
Moral – we are all meant to hafal the nilai nilai

And that’s it, what is the point studying the science subjects that are not relevant to my career? Let me tell you why didn’t I shift to Accounting and chat with my friends, it’s purely because I want to go to college, kthxbai!~

Now even the regent complaint that we are bond to an invisible and negative rules of Malaysia Education… we are all the cause of the whole big problem, and it can no longer be solved, tuition centres are bombarding the community like hell, especially ???? they advertise everywhere! Handing brochures to students at the front of school gate… and they even refund if the student failed to improve!

Tuition centres are supposed to build a better and tighter base for a student’s performance, but now it acts as a supplement even for A++ students! School teachers cannot handle the whole syllabus on their own! They need more salary~! Tuition centres are just for them, and for students, and just the official source of knowledge can’t get it right!

So if we want to reverse the whole bad effect, Success must be pwned! It’s no longer a ‘reference’ book, it’s a book that packed every words of syllabus in a book, rendering a student to memorise not study!

Agree with me? I bet if you are with me, you can attend to college. But if Physics textbook in your head, is utterly useless, then it’s a big /facepalm


  1. Sometimes, physics knowledge are not in textbook, in the practical book.
  2. Sejarah textbook is just full…
  3. Add Maths textbook did cover all knowledge, but students bought Success that only shows more examples that float just above the principles.
  4. Chemistry and Biology have nothing to think, that’s why the textbooks are fully packed.
  5. Textbook’s information missed out? Look out for the URLs given.
  6. SUCCESS is actually, packing textbook, Wikipedia and other website together as one.
  7. Tuition centers that over advertised have a bad reputation in SMK students.
  8. Tuition centers are rated higher is because of the word of mouth…

Author: Anonoz Chong

Web Developer in Kuala Lumpur. Computer Science student in MMU Cyberjaya. President of IT Society MMU Cyberjaya. Rubyist.

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