Facebook Profile Name Etiquette


Guys, so far I noticed many people don’t take care of their Facebook profile name, which is potentially important when you start to work. Just want to say, hey please don’t edit your name into something people don’t understand, or frequently modified.

Your profile name is not your favourite person, not your anime characters, nor your pet’s name. Your profile name is used to identify you on the network, not to express yourself.

Then, I saw somebody joined facebook hiddenly hoping for nobody noticed he joined Facebook. Then he use a strange name and a fake profile picture, not only this can lead to epic confusion but you are now in Facebook’s blacklist, once your facebook account get banned, it’s over.

So please expand this post as usual I will show you how to manage your profile name.

Naming ethic

First your name must be able to represent yourself or the name is your name, that is what I call ethical Facebook name. Plus, you should not change your name throughout the use of Facebook, or not that often (interval at least 3 years). If you change your name too often (<3 months) your friends might get pissed off for not be able to find you with ease.

A good name must be straightforward

Anonoz Chong

Li See How

Or it’s constant and you are gonna change it

Meifun Lovable

Elaine Kam

Not so good if you put the whole name in characters or language other than English



Or you make a rojak out of it

Ziqi ????

Cjy ???

This means nothing, not even you!

Cool Isme

J?smay J?t’amin? ?? ??

You don’t want anybody to recognize you, aren’t you? (Because these names are the culprits who ‘constantly’ change their name)

Ventus X vanitas (Jackie Fong Chee Keong)

Ecsl ????? ???? (Eugene Chia Sheng Loong)

Again, please stick to the golden rule, fail to comply TnC may lead to the banning of your precious Facebook Account. Remember not to change it too often!

Profile Picture

I noticed a lot of chicks out there attempt to shot themselves and post on Facebook, attempting to attract boys to pikat them. Not like that, it’s not so offensive but, stick to the rule.

Try not to over photoshop or dreaming that ‘I’m on da billboard!’ that officially sucks, we hate that.

Then never ever put fake anime characters, other people or something that can’t represent you on your primary profile picture since the other people might get confused or can’t recognize you. I hate when you put something irrelevant on it, this is not only your matters, you dragged other people into the problem as well!

I don’t want to show the pictures of people because it may offend them and start to hate me, meh…

There is actually a girl who self-shot her boob, see this post. Don’t ever ever try to shot your private areas, genitalia whatsoever, Facebook will straight away ban you on the reason for spreading pornography on such a holy social website!


You have the responsibility to manage and take care of your FB profile, you may not realize the importance of it, but in the future and career world, you will start to treasure it.

Author: Anonoz Chong

Web Developer in Kuala Lumpur. Computer Science student in MMU Cyberjaya. President of IT Society MMU Cyberjaya. Rubyist.