Commentary on Name Wee’s “NAH!”

Yes I have watched the video, and I bet many non-bumi would be agree with it.

The spark plug for this video is not only due to the recent case that a few Chinese students being humiliated by the headmistress and the school administrators and teachers. The headmistress even banned all other students fast together along with the Muslims, on the reason “to understand the other races better”. Well I can call that a bullshit. And even my Malay friends and classmates said that it’s too explicit.

Name Wee, known as our extremish patriot, and known to be creating true, meaningful songs with extreme profanities. Despite his profanities but he did speaks out something true, and we, as the cowardly beings, do not dare to speak that out.

Side effects

The intentions of the video are good: to fix the racism in his lovely country.

But his viewers? Intensify the racism in Malaysia.

Look at this photo, his viewers are like, misunderstood the video. Name Wee was just pointing out he hate racism, but the viewers thought he hate Malays for saying something like that. Actually racism happens in Chinese more than Malays. We had already built up the economy on Malaysia, yet we felt strange for treating us differently, like 7% off for the bumi. I don’t really care about 7% seriously.

Name Wee? I don’t think he is racist, his video is targting towards somebody, not all people in the ethnic. Yet the comments took advantage over the video and flame the other races. Well this is terribly inappropriate.

The Aim of Prosecution

From his blog post we all learnt that Puteri Umno Chief sue him for uploading that video on the reason “destroying the image of Malaysia”. Woah! Now think about this, I think that all of you guys, as a Malaysian and as a patriot, would deny the fact that Name Wee was trying to bring Malaysia down, but lemme think again, I think is Siti Inshah trying to bring us down. Further thinking shows that Puteri Umno is the second culprit too!

Ask Name Wee to apologize is easier than asking a politician to apologize. This is a cowardly act!


He set the video as private viewing only, he knows that Web users will back his video up and spread it… Smart Web 2.0 user eh?

Justice must be done

As a Web user, we should support his fight on democracy, his bravery, and his patriotism-from-heart. This is what patriotism all about, not those bunch of idiots quarelling in parliament, not those who used up hundreds of thousands of ringgits to promote the parties and wakil rakyat. The real culprits are the politicians, or the targets of Name Wee.

Author: Anonoz Chong

Web Developer in Kuala Lumpur. Computer Science student in MMU Cyberjaya. President of IT Society MMU Cyberjaya. Rubyist.