How To Integrate Heroku Status Alerts Into Slack

In Talenox, we rely on Heroku to host our apps, and we use Slack to communicate.

It’s essential to keep everyone in the know when anything happens, especially anything to do with our hosting platform.

Luckily, Slack supports RSS Feeds, and Heroku status has RSS as well.

To subscribe to the status alert inside Slack, go into your channel of choice, and type this:

/feed subscribe

That’s it! Also, it doesn’t cost you any integration quota, if you are still using the free tier!

To The Lecturers

Sorry for sleeping in your classes.

Yes, I have tried to force myself to stay awake, to stay concentrated on you. It is not your fault, maybe it is.

But it is mostly mine, I just can’t stand listening to you for 1 – 2 hours straight.

You see, I learn by actually solving problems. I learn by examples, I follow tutorials online when I have an actual problem to solve.

But I just can’t learn well when I am expected to pick something up without knowing what problems it can solve, or where the heck am I even going to apply the knowledge.

We are not talented, we are just driven to learn when we need to.

I wonder when will our education system be changed to truly benefit us. Do you want to be a part of the change?

5 Ways to Stay Updated For Tech Events In Kuala Lumpur

There are several online resources that you can use to get to know latest tech events in KL or Klang Valley.

Join Facebook Groups. There are plenty of tech user groups and discussion groups full of techpreneurs on Facebook for you to join and get involved. If you haven’t joined one before, you may refer to my list of Malaysia and Singapore Developer Interest Groups to get started.

Subscribe to thelist. A weekly e-mail that informs you of great tech events coming up in that week. They also have a Singapore counterpart here. If Facebook Groups are too hard to stay updated for you, you should try using as some of the event organisers use it to promote their events. But watch out for groups that are setup to promote MLM businesses.

Calendata. It’s a bit like but Calendata curates the events into a list for you, it can be synced with your Google Calendar too.

MaGIC. The newly setup government agency to promote tech entrepreneurship in Malaysia organises a lot of great events that you will undoubtedly benefit from.

Hope you enjoy the list. Let me know if I left out any!