A Bad Experience With Lazada

Update 1: I have got my item on 2nd January, delivered by Marketplace Operation guys Prasad and Chris.

Update 2: Got the call from Max Bittner (Lazada CEO) about what happened, he apologized for the screw up and promised they will upgrade their service to serve customers better.

Update 3: Hans-Peter Ressell (Lazada Malaysia CEO) called me and said he will refund (he did) the iPhone for screwing up my first Lazada shopping experience. In addition to that he invited me to visit their office and warehouse to understand that they work hard to make Lazada a great online shopping experience. He also asked me to soften the blog post a bit (I rename the title from a far more vulgar version).

On 16th December, I have ordered an iPhone 5C 32GB Blue from Lazada. As of today, I haven’t get my item yet. As of 2nd January 5PM, I have got my item, delivered by Prasad and Christopher, they are from Marketplace Operation team.

Delay is tolerable, but an extreme one is not. I have fed up calling their customer service, because everytime I call I hear new excuses, new stories, new lies. None of their calls are congruent with each other, I am truly, truly fed up with a team of amateur liars that Lazada employed to serve us.

Friday 20th December – 10AM

I have got an e-mail saying that item has been shipped. At first I thought, oh Lazada is pretty on time, as they stated on the product page that the product is estimated to be delivered within 6 – 8 days.

Screen Shot 2013-12-31 at 5.37.30 PM

But there is something wrong, if I go to their website and check my order status, it’s stuck at Order being processed at warehouse as opposed to being delivered. So what’s that e-mail for?

Screen Shot 2013-12-31 at 5.44.10 PM

I just took this screenshot on 31st December, the tracker has been like this since forever.

Tuesday 2PM

I didn’t get my item on Monday, so I have decided to call their customer service to check the status again.

It was a guy picking up, he says that he needs some time to check the status for me and promised me that he will get back to me.

Tues 4PM

That guy didn’t get back to me, good job wasting 2 hours of my life.

I decided to call again, this time was a woman picking up. She replied that the item will be delivered by Thursday.

“You sure it will be delivered by Thursday?”


“Confirm ah!”


Thursday 6PM

Again, as expected, the item is not being delivered.

I tried to call the customer service but the auto responder says that it’s closed. Frustrated, but I gonna wait until tomorrow morning.

Friday 10AM

CS#3 was a guy. He says he checked with the warehouse and item will be delivered by 6PM.

Fri 6.15 PM

Again, no delivery. I called again and it was a woman picking up, I have decided to go douchebag on her, I really wanted to know WTF is going on and show them that I am not a good bully target. I have just paid RM1800 and I deserve to be treated like a customer.

“You guys just said that it will be delivered by 6PM today! WHERE IS MY ITEM?”

“Sorry sir but the warehouse has not been responding the whole day, we try to get to them but they are not replying to us.”

“Then where the fuck am I going to get my stuff?”

“Tomorrow sir.”

I am really pissed, for a couple of reasons:

  • Lazada Malaysia seems to have serious communication issues within their company, as if the Customer Service and Warehouse are rivals. They don’t work together.
  • The customer service did not do their best efforts to get the “warehouse” to reply
  • Lazada Malaysia is full of lazy useless people that don’t care about their customers


For the 3rd time, I didn’t receive my item. I have just sacrificed my day out to cave up in my house and wait for my phone. I seriously think Lazada should pay me back happiness.


This is the last time I called them.

Apparently it was the same woman that picked up my call last Tuesday. This time she said the following:

“We have our own delivery team”

“It is not possible to schedule a delivery sir”

Then when I tried to ask her to deliver it:

“The product is from Satu Gadget, we are going to check with them now.”

I took things into my own hand and decided to check with Satu Gadget, apparently they did send out my phone to Lazada on 18th December. But Lazada has not been sending out my phone for what, 2 weeks? For real?

Lazada, good job giving me such a negative-number-of-stars experience, I will never buy from you again.

You are the first online store that pissed me off so much that I need to write a blog post to talk about you, your shitty team of customer service representatives and your unresponsive warehouse that slack off and don’t get punished for doing so.

There are plenty of others who are seriously unhappy with Lazada:

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Farewell TBG/Gushcloud

This e-mail is sent to all my colleagues in the morning.

Hey guys,

As you all know, today is my last day of working in TBG Interactive (aka Gushcloud) as developer. It had been a great 8 months here, I have learned a lot, grew a lot, had fun a lot, etc a lot. I had at least 16x more fun here than in my college. Dropping out and joining this company will always be one of the best decisions I have made in my life

First of all I would like to thank everyone that I have worked together with, we had fun together, and made apps that have delighted people’s life. Whether the app helps aspiring singers to be able to perform on stage, or get them some sweet supermarket vouchers so that they can celebrate Hari Raya, or app that helps kids in science discovery center to learn better through games and gifts, we have at least put a dent in lots of people’s life in tiny little ways. Oh yea, Gush Media, we managed scared the shit out of Nuffnang, well done everyone :D

Secondly, I would like to thank the bosses, Siang, Vincent and Althea, especially Althea. If it wasn’t you offering me a chance to work in our company in that lift, I will still be a sad little kid that does nothing useful in his life. I am sorry if I let you guys down sometimes, or I infuriated you guys for some things that I did, but at this moment, I wish you guys have great success in the future. All the best.

Siang, you have been a great boss of bringing in apps deal for us, without you I will have nothing significant to build and learn from. I would like you to be more punctual in the future though. (The whole company needs to)

Vincent, I will remember HER principles and I will work on them! You have been a very inspiring figure, sometimes I Google (stalk) you to dig up your stories. Wish you success in your business ventures and happy in your marriage! (If you can get a wife, I confirm plus chop can)

Finally, I would like to thank my teammates, housemates as well, especially Hafi. Hafi has been a great mentor while I waddling my way through in real working environment. You have taught me to be more organized, to be more responsible and to be more diligent in the future. We have quarreled sometimes due to difference in opinions or point of views, but we managed to get together well after that without any hard feeling. Thanks for making me a better person.

Dew, you have been a dewchebag sometimes (and still is), but you have taught me a lot as well, you have showed me the very different way of how Singaporeans live their life.

Bel you have been the only ang mo Chinese in this company, you have shared stories of how you traveled the world, that really makes me want to go on and live a life of digital nomad in the future. That’s what I will do before I die, I will live my life to the fullest and make sure I have seen the world before moving on to the other side of it.

To other coworkers: Shing, Hanis, Kien, Charmaine, Diming, Alvin, Jeremy, Daniel, Eleena. Thank you guys for working with me and putting with me immaturity for my last working days.

To other ex-coworkers: Edwin, Andy, Anna, William, Yun Sin, Joyce (now Fixx), Henner (now Fixx), <?= $those_who_i_have_forgotten ?>. Thank you all for having a great time together as well.

To GTF talk peeps: Colm, Reza, Torin, Darren, Henner etc. Thanks for sharing tech knowledge together sometimes, hope I am still in the Skype group so we can keep on continuing the sharing culture.

I can’t thank you guys enough for that.


My housemates

IMG_1222 IMG_1217

Why we learn coding

People usually don’t learn programming or coding just for the love of programming and coding. They are boring, have somewhat high intellectual barrier of entry, and programming job may not be interesting at all.

So putting money, job opportunities aside, what drives us, or me, to learn how to code.

I want to stop feeling so helpless again

I do not enjoy the feeling of people knowing something that I need to use, or do, but don’t know how to. In this case, I know in the future I would like to own a software company, but if I do not know how to code, I will need to hire a programmer (or programmers) to do it for me.

But I can’t pay, who the fuck wants to work for someone who can’t pay? And even if someone is willing to do it for you, for free, like a slave, can you trust that guy for not stealing your idea AND business?

By learning how to code, I can stop worrying about getting other people to do my job. If no one else can or willing to do so, I can do it. If my business failed, I can always go for programming jobs, isn’t that awesome?

They just hate coding…

Most people just say things like “I wish I can code”, “I gonna learn coding this summer”, “I gonna pickup Rails coz they are paying out 5 figures right now”…

They just don’t do it.

Lots of Wantrepreneurs present at various Hackathons have no coding skills and EXPECT developers to work for them for free. I am strongly against this kind of slavery, I would say, unless their idea is THAT good, his pitching skill is THAT good, and he has THAT awesome amount of network/connections, otherwise? Fuck them.